MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 84


28 passed and I was grateful I had my room
mate who didn’t let me be alone that
The next day being Sunday,my girlfriend
suggested that I call him. I refused but she
insisted, saying that if I really needed to be
happy and move on,that I should call him for
the last time.
Me: Hello!
I think he was surprised to hear the
confidence in my voice
Ray: Rose
Me: How are you?
Ray: I’m fine.
Me: How was the wedding?
Ray: Successful. We thank God.
Me: Guess you guys will be going for
Thanksgiving today.
Ray: No. It was just the traditional wedding
that was done.
Me: Oh! Forgive me. Thought it was the white
wedding. How is she?
Ray: Who?
Me: Our wife.
Ray: She’s fine. She’s even here. Should I
give her the phone?
I thought for a while, maybe he has told her
about me or maybe not. My roomie gave me
a nod.
Me: Yes please. Give her the phone.
Wifey: Hello
Me: Good morning
Wifey: Good morning.
Me: Congratulations on your marriage
Wifey: Thank you
Me: You’re welcome. Please take care of him
for me o
Wifey: I will. Thank you.
Me: Please give him the phone.
I bade him goodbye and ended the call
before turning to my room mate.
Lucy: You’ve done your own part. Its now left
for his conscience to judge him. Don’t call
him ever again. If he wants to speak with
you,he should call you.
Me: If there is a way for me to block him in
all my social networks, I’ll do that. I don’t
want to see him again.
Lucy: You and I know that its not possible.
Just be cool. If he chats you up,reply in your
best polite manner. He’s not worth the heart
We started discussing other issues about
I later blocked Raymond on my Facebook
when I saw he used his traditional marriage
picture as his profile picture. I would not
mind to see anything except the face of his
Easter was fast approaching and I was fast
preparing my resignation letter. I had missed
home a lot.
On good Friday morning, I went to the hotel
and gave the manager my letter. I didn’t even
let him open it before I walked out. I went
back to my apartment and finished up with
my packing. I bade my roommate goodbye
before I left for home.
My people were happy to see me.
They kept on complaining about how lean I
Again,I apologized to mum for leaving home
without her permission. She asked me to
kneel down and I did. She brought a plate of
water and said a prayer of blessing then she
used the water to wash my face. We all went
together to the church that evening. I was
happy to be home after five months.
It was the next day that I started telling my
friends that I was back. They all wanted to
see me and they were happy.
Easter came and passed. My siblings spent
one week at home before school resumed
leaving me all alone. I decided to start
socialising once again. I had being indoors
since I came back and it always made me
think about my past. I started going to the
shop with mum. Three weeks after I came
back,Vivian lost her dad. He never recovered
from that stroke.
The date for the burial was fixed and as a
friend,I went there a day before the burial.
She was full of thanks because I helped in
almost everything.
I even sewed the burial clothe. Most people
were asking me if the late John was my
After the burial which took place in may,I
went home.
Two days after I returned, Raymond chatted
me on WhatsApp. He said he wanted to see
me and I told him my house was available.
The next day,I was dressing up to go and
register in a dance class when he
called,saying he was in front of my house. I
went down,opened the gate and let him in. I
spoke to myself that I was going to be strong
so he won’t know how I felt about the whole
Ray: How are you?
Me: I’m fine.
Ray: I must confess,you’re looking good.
Damn! Look at those hips.
We both laughed.

Me: You’re crazy. Thank you.
Ray: Heard you went for Vivian’s dad’s burial.
Heard you even spent the night. Is that how
close you two have become?
Me: She’s my friend nau.
Ray: That’s nice.
Me: So how’s everyone at home?
Ray: They are all fine.
Me: And Wifey?
He looked at me briefly before responding;
Ray: She’s fine.
I was about saying something else before he
shut me up with his words;
Ray; You know,I’ve missed you.
The tears hit my throat immediately.
Ray: Better don’t cry. If you do, I’m going to
kiss you here.
I hit his shoulder playfully and wiped my
Me: But why did you get married?
He paused,looked at me and lied;
Ray: Because I wanted to.
I don’t know why my thoughts are like that
but I knew he was lying. The Raymond I
knew,who just graduated would love to
explore life a little,besides,he had no good
job at that time so I quickly had to take what
Lucy had told me before; his mum.
Me: And you couldn’t even tell me?
Ray: Don’t say that,I wanted to see you but
you disappointed me. The plan was that we
see,spend some days in a hotel
room,f*ck,f*ck again and I’ll tell you. You’ll
cry,I was very sure of that but then,we’ll f*ck
I looked at him and shook my head not
knowing what else to say.
Ray: But I’m sorry.
I was surprised at his apology but what will I
do? Bottom line,he is married and there is
nothing we can do about it.
Me: Its okay. So when is the white wedding
going to come up? Many years to come I
Ray: Says who? October.(but it never
Me: Oh! Okay. Good luck then.
We talked about other things before he left
while I went back to finish up with my make
up before leaving for the dance class.


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