MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 70


As I woke up the next morning,I had a lot of
decisions to make.One: I’ll have to go and
visit Vivian.
Two: I’ll never ask her about the paternity of
her baby.
Three: I’ll be the best friend I can be to her.
Finally,I’ll never have to brood over my past
experiences. I was moving on.
Around 10am,I was through with all I had to
do. I took my bath,dressed up and left for the
market. I bought garden
eggs,oranges,watermelon,apple and a
bathroom slipper(till today,I don’t know why I
added it to the list).
I rushed to Vivian’s house like it was my
heaven. I got to the door and knocked. I
waited for about five minutes before the door
was answered… Vivian.
I stood there and looked at her. It was like
she grew shorter with the pregnancy. Her
stomach was round and very balanced. She
was tying a wrapper. Her naturally pimpled
face looked like it was experiencing more
pimple production (the pregnancy of course).
I started crying. Not because of her new
found ugliness,or because she was
pregnant,or because its being long I saw her.
I cried because she looked so healthy and it
pained me that I didn’t contribute to that. She
joined me and we cried together. I ran into
her arms and almost froze when I felt a slight
jerk from her stomach. I thought I had hurt
her so I looked at her.
With a smile on her face and tears still
running down her cheeks,she brushed my
shoulder and pulled me in before she locked
the door. We walked into the sitting room
and I comfortably sat down after placing my
bag beside the cushion.
Vivian: How are you?
She sat beside me and checked me out.
Me: Can’t you see I’m fine? How are you
Vivian: I’m good o. You’ve seen your
pregnant friend in all her ugliness.
We both laughed at her joke before I shifted
the fruit-filled bag to her side.
Me; I don’t know what you will like now so I
bought so many fruits. Manage them biko o?
I’ll buy more when next I visit.
She looked into the bag and looked back at

Vivian: You’ve being stealing from mummy’s
shop abi?(she and I had always never
differentiated between our mums)
Me: Nooo. She’s not even around self.
I took time to explain to her how I’ve been
alone since the vacation started and how I
got the fruits using the daily allowances my
mum asked me to be taking from the shop.
Vivian; Okay o. Thank you. Just don’t want
you to be in trouble because of me. I actually
thought your people will ask you to stop
seeing me because of my condition because
almost all my classmates no longer talk to
Me: Ah! My mum hasn’t even said anything
but I’m sure she won’t stop me from seeing
you. Its not your fault that you’re pregnant
Vivian: it’s my fault o nne. If only Ebuka
owned up,I wouldn’t be . . . . .
Me: Wait o! Where’s your mum?
Vivian: She went to the hospital with my dad.
Me: Sorry o. But is he still sick?
Vivian; Nne,his condition is now worse.
We spent the rest of the day talking about
our families and gossiping about Raymond
and I.
Around 6pm,her parents came back and I
had to leave. I promised to visit often and
during the good night hug,the kick came
again and she told me it was the baby
kicking. I laughed and kept rubbing her
stomach as she led me to the gate.


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