MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 62


Things were going well for me. I was
enjoying my break as well as my boyfriend.
Life couldn’t get more better than that.
When school vacated,my mum sent my
siblings to the village with the consent of my
I would have gone too but I insisted on
staying with the excuse that I wanted to b
helping mum out. Some days later,dad fell ill
so mum had to leave for jos to take care of
him. I was home alone. I was scared at first
but when I thought about the freedom,I felt
I started going to mum’s shop. The sales
girls were surprised because it was no news
that I disliked going there. I would leave the
house in the morning,come back in the
evening,eat and leave to see Raymond.
It was on my way to Raymond’s house on a
Friday evening(first week of august) that I
ran into Frank.
He had seen me first so I couldn’t dodge
Frank: Going to see Van Vicker?
There was a calmness in his voice but I
decided not to fall for it since he had put up
such act before and ended up being his bad
self again.
Me: Yes,do you have a problem with that?
Frank: No I don’t. Do you also have a
problem with that?
I looked at him and noticed he just wanted to
delay me;
Me: If you have nothing good or important to
say,you can as well excuse me please.
Frank: You’ll be excused but I want to ask
you, why do you love getting stressed over
Me; Why do I have this feeling that you have
something up your sleeve? Frank leave me
alone please. I don’t have an extra time to
Frank: But I just want to be friends with you.
You refused my advance of a relationship.
Will you also refuse this one?
Me: Frank eh,look for someone who doesn’t
know you well. As for me,I already know you
like this full stop earing on my ear. I don’t
need your friendship.
Frank: Don’t be too sure about that Rose. I
care about you. Its true I came after you the
wrong way but I’m sorry about it. Forgive

I began to relax a little bit ;
Frank: I just want to be your friend and
nothing more. You hear?
Me: A friend that you can beat up anytime
huh? A friend whom you had earlier sworn
not to see in any relationship? Frank,please.
I turned and went back home. I gave
Raymond an excuse and he bought it.
That night,Frank called me and I refused to
pick. He sent a message
“Let’s hang out on Sunday please.I promise
not to talk about it”
I called him back after reading his message;
Me: You know you’re a stalker
Frank; I’m not. And,I’m still waiting for a
response. Don’t say no please. I promise not
to get on your nerves,I promise.
I kept quiet for a while as he kept making
promises of what to do and what not to do;
Me: Its okay. Where are we going?
Frank: McDonald’s.
Me; ill give you an answer tomorrow.
Frank; Thank you so much. I’ll be most glad
if you make it.
We talked for a little more time before we
called it a day.


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