MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 61


Got home around some minutes past nine.
As expected,Dad and mum were still at home
but dad was dressed to leave. Everyone was
surprised to see me.
Dad: Why are you home today and by this
Me: Nothing dad.
Dad: Your sendforth is supposed to be today
and you’re here already. Don’t tell me that
you plan to go back to school from here
because I won’t permit you. Are you the only
one that leaves close to school?
Mum: Daddy,at least,let’s welcome her.
Rose,your dad came home because of your
sendforth. Why are you here all of a sudden?
Me: Mum, the sendforth has being cancelled.
Some girls beat up the government mistress
and I think the police were called. I saw
everyone leaving very early this morning so I
had to join them.
Dad: Imagine. Just look at what girls of this
time has turned into. Why would they beat up
a teacher? And hey,how sure are we that
you’re not involved?
Me: Ah! Dad, how can I do that? I’m not even
a government student sef. I’ve got no
business with her.
Dad; It should better be true. Nne(he turned
to my mum),let me go and see the boys at
the park.
Mum: Okay dear.
She saw him to the door while I sat down.
Mum came in later and fixed a gaze on me;
Mum: See how lean you look. They don’t feed
you people well even while writing exams eh?
Me: Don’t mind them. All they know is flog-
flog people especially those house
mistresses. I’m glad that I’ve graduated now
o. I’ll eat your food for one full year before
entering the university.
My mum laughed.
Mum: Nne go and UnCloth so you’ll eat. I’ll
be leaving for the shop. Junior and your
younger ones will be going to see your aunt
at MCC later in the day.
Me; So I’ll be alone nah?
Mum: You can come and join me at the shop.
I wonder why you don’t like coming.
Me: I’m back now. I’ll own the shop now.
Mum: Better o. Oya go upstairs.
I thanked her and went upstairs,took my bath
and slept off. I woke up around 3. Someone
was knocking on my door. I opened it and it
was my younger sister. She came to tell me
that they were leaving and that I should
come and close the gate. I followed her
downstairs and that was when I realised that
they would be coming home the next day. I
bade them goodbye and they drove off.
I went upstairs and called Raymond. He was
happy that I was home. We met that evening
in front of his house and he took me up to
the decking of the house. The weather was
windy and I loved it.
Raymond: My uncle came back so he’s
occupying our room.
I laughed.
Me: Our room indeed.
Raymond: How was school?
Me: Fine. So happy that I’m now out from
secondary school.

Raymond: Same here.
He leaned into me and we kissed
passionately. We would stop for air and go
back to devouring each other’s lips. The next
minute,our clothes were sprawled on the
floor. He la!d on top of me and started the
journey to my womanhood from my neck
using his tongue. He bit my ear which sent
electric shocks to my brain,then my brain
sent the message to my p**sy which started
crying for joy. I became wet instantly.
He came down to my tips and did little mercy
on them. He sU-Cked on each one like his life
depended on it.
He looked up at me and I closed my eyes.
He leaned into me one more time and we
kissed passionately. I began to feel his d**k
at the entrance of my p**sy so I opened my
legs wide enough to receive him. He slowly
pushed into me and I felt his hugeness. I
cried out in ecstasy as I asked him to f*ck
me hard.
He willingly did. I felt myself in cloud nine as
the waves of pleasure hit me and I came.
He started m0an!ng silently and I felt him pull
out of me. He slumped by my side and as
usual,a sweet quietness fell on us.


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