MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 55


I cried all day. If someone had asked me
what my problem was,I doubt if I knew.
I made up my mind to severe all ties I had
with both Vivian and Ebuka. I deleted Vivian’s
number from my phone and added it to the
Two days later,Raymond and I were on an
evening stroll when he decided we stopped at
their house,rest for a while before he walks
me home. We went to that same guest room
and started talking. We talked both off point
and on point discussions. I think things got
hot or maybe the room got hot and we
started kissing.
We kissed for a while before the party went
down to our bodies. He placed his hand on
my b0s0m and left them there. He kissed my
neck,my ear and my lips. I responded to each
kiss with a m0an. He started handling my
Gently,he la!d me on the bed and started
working on my body.
He kissed my lips,went down to my neck and
I felt a wetness between my legs. He slowly
lifted up my singlet (I wore a white singlet
and a black short. The idea was just to
stroll). He lifted my singlet,turned me around
and unhooked my bra.
The singlet didn’t let the bra come off so he
lifted the bra too and fed on my tips,moving
from one to the other while I encouraged him
with my silent m0ans.
He stopped and stared at me lovingly. I
closed my eyes,then felt him unbuttoning my
short,I raised my butt0ckz up and he peeled
my short off together with my pants. I knew I
was very wet because I felt it. The next
minute was silent.
I didn’t know what was happening because
my eyes were closed. I felt a Unclad body on
me and I opened my eyes to see him,looking
so innocent and loving. We started kissing
again and once in a while,he’ll pinch my tips
while I winced out with audible m0ans.
I let him explore my body. He touched me in
the most sensuous places and I loved every
bit of it.
He opened my legs and knelt between them.
His J0yst!ck looked so big and long and so
pointy. I was scared but I wanted it.
There was this reassuring look on his face
and I encouraged myself that I was ready for
He used his hand to direct his d**k to my
waiting p**sy. I felt the head enter and my
heart started beating as I felt my innerwalls
open up to the invader. He pulled out and
used his finger to wet his d**k with my

He directed his d**k into my hole again and
leaned into me. He started going into me inch
by inch,I felt myself opening up to him and I
loved the feeling. He pushed hard and I
jumped in pain. It was like a tear had
occurred inside of me. I looked into his eyes
and he smiled before he started thrusting. I
felt the waves hit me and i screamed out in
joy as i felt my juices running out of me. He
was so gentle yet the feeling was great.
Minutes later,he increased the pace of his
thrust and stared grunting. He pulled out
immediately and m0aned loudly. He slumped
on top of me and I cuddled him. We stayed
like that for a few minutes before we started
I refused to look at the bed because I was
scared of what I’ll see. There were no spoken
words between us till we got to the junction
that led to my house.
Raymond: Thank you
Me: For what?
Raymond: Never mind. I’ll leave you here
now. Take care of yourself okay
Me: You too. Good night.
He hugged me and I watched him leave. I
walked home with a feeling of satisfaction.


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