MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 31


Skipoo and I met in school the next day.
He cancelled our supposed Sunday date and
though I was happy,I pretended not to be.
His excuse was that he was going to visit his
mother who didn’t live with them. He also
asked me out,he was gentleman enough to
be the one that asked me to think about it.
Skipoo was a handsome guy,dark in
complexion and had a nice sense for fashion.
His real name was Chukwuemeka. Funny
enough,I liked him but I couldn’t agree to his
request because I felt nothing for him.
Two weeks before summer lessons
ended,Raymond asked me out. Was I
happy,yes I was.
Though I can’t recall the exact words he used
but I know I didn’t give him the “let me think
about it” response. I agreed to his request
immediately and we bonded. Raymond was
(is) a lovely guy,fair,handsome,Sekxy,his eyes
were small and Sekxy and his lips,let me not
talk much. His English was perfect,he had a
good choice of clothing and in fact,he was
We would always talk late into the night,I was
in love and I knew it. I erased all thoughts of
my past experience and made up my mind
that Raymond would be my last love story.
I visited his house once but I didn’t see any
of his people. He told me that his mum won’t
be happy if she sees me around so we
stayed at the unoccupied part of the house. I
understood his fear for his mum and his
ability to relate it to me made me love him
the more.

Vivian visited me one evening and wanted to
know if the story about Raymond and I was
true. I confirmed it and she advised that I be
careful so that Frank will not find out. I told
her that I didn’t care if he found out or not.
We spent time before she finally left. I made
up my mind to be with Raymond no matter
Lawrence and Nenye broke me in school
because I was weak and vulnerable but I’ll
never let anyone come between Raymond
and I.
That weekend,I was on my way home from
evening stroll when I ran into Frank. I made
to walk away but he stopped me.
Frank: You didn’t see me right?
I didn’t say a word. I just stood there.
Frank: Rose,can’t you talk?
Me: Talk to you and tell you what?
Frank: Oh! You now talk anyhow abi?
That your ocha ka omaka (fair as if he is
handsome) boyfriend has started putting
saliva into your mouth abi?
Me: I’m happy you’ve heard about him and
please,if you have nothing good to talk about
for once,I beg to take my leave.


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