MY TEENAGE MIND…….. (18+)…….. Part 14


The following day being Sunday,I followed
the family to church. I sat in between mum
and dad. During offertory,I saw Frank
My heart skipped and started doing some
somersaults. I hid myself in the queue and
hurried back to my seat. I thanked God that it
was the last Sunday service I would be
After service,dad drove us home and during
lunch,Vivian showed up. She joined us at the
table after which we left for my room.
We both walked into the room and I bolted
the door. I always did that because my
younger bro enjoyed coming to join me in my
room anytime I had a visitor,and you know,its
always awkward(girls who have younger
ones that do this will understand better).
Me: Welcome
Vivian: Don’t welcome me biko
Me: Ahn ahn. what’s the problem?
Vivian: You don’t like me again.
That response was the last thing I expected.
I looked at her and her face was so tight.
She looked serious and a bit upset.
Me: Who told you that one nah? Are you not
the only friend I have here? Why won’t I like
you? I don’t even like you,I love you.
And that was the truth,even till today,though
we no longer talk,but I still have this soft
spot for her.
Vivian: Its not true. You’re avoiding me. You
told me you won’t be attending any holiday
program,yet,each time I come around,your
siblings always say that you’re not around.
Vacation is almost over yet we never spent
quality time together.
Me: Hey! I’m sorry. You know,since my aunt
left,its being me who has being handling the
house chores except on Sundays like this
when mum gives me a break.
I looked at her and pushed her shoulders.
Me: Oya sorry inugo(you hear)?
Vivian: Or is it because of Frank?
That question threw me off guard and I
fought with myself whether to tell her the
truth or not.

Vivian: You see,its because of him. He asked
you not to talk to me anymore.
She said that and started crying. I hugged
her immediately and she held me tight.
Me; He didn’t say that to me. Nobody can
dictate to me who I should keep as friends
and who I should not. I just wanted to be on
my own because I discovered his bad sides
and I can’t put up with them. His character
could be a threat to my life. I’m sorry if my
trying to get rid of Frank has seperated us a
Gbagharam (forgive me).
She still didn’t say anything but kept on
crying so I continued;
“you’re like my sister so I can’t just let go of
our friendship. I love and care about you so
She stopped crying but refused to speak so I
started tickling her. At first,she tried to pull
away but I refused to give up. I continued
and before I knew it,she was already laughing
so loud.


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