It was very late already, and most people
had gone home.
Some people were just going home in groups,
some of them had
cars, and some others joined them. Even some
that did not have cars were still going home. All
these people
wey no fear night
I was still chatting with Tricia (thats the name
she told me) and
she was quite drunk. I did not have much
drinks. I was talking
and observing, only taking little alcohol.
on the other hand,
like most girls that were drinking there too,
had had a little too
much to drink. She even had a full cup of
Vodka, and I was like
wtf? Did this girl think its Soda water that she
was drinking?
I was very careful and alert incase she wanted
to puke, so that
i’ll do my classic jet li jump. Aint no girl puking
on me.
I looked around at the house, the gate and
everywhere my eyes
could go, then told Tricia that I was tired and
wanted to go to the
room to have some rest. She asked me ”the
room?” and i told
her that I knew somebody there and he had
given me a room to
stay for the night. I asked her where she
planned on staying. She
pointed to some girls that were obviously
drunk, chatting and
laughing anyhow. She said she came and was
going with them. I
asked her if they brought a car. She said, yes.
I asked her which of the girls among them was
driving. She pointed to one of them in the set of
girls she
had shown me
I laughed and told her that if she followed
those girls, shes
already booking first class flight to hell. She
frowned. Then I told her that I was just
kidding, but what I
truely meant was that they were too drunk to
drive. She nodded. I
then told her that she could stay with me till
the next morning. She looked at me blankly like
I told her she shouldn’t worry, that we wont
do anything.
She joked that she doesnt trust me. I laughed
and told her that
she just has to. I was still using my eyes to
search for Mariam.
Looking up and
down for her, but there was no trace of her.
Hope say them never
use this girl do do juju o, I joked in my mind.
Finally, we decided to go inside. She waved and
signalled her
friends. When we got to the main entrance, I
found out that it
wasnt only me that had planned on staying in
the house for the
night. Well, they had quite a number of rooms,
We saw some people gisting at the corridor,
one other couple
holding themselves as if they were dancing all
these white dances. We just walked passed
everybody. I
saw Kenno on the
way and he asked me ‘howfar?’. I told him
that his bro already
sorted me out. He smiled, looked at Tricia and
left. All these boys with their bad minds sef.
We got to the room, opened the door and
switched on the light.

The bed was un-made, the room was slightly
scattered but
looked comfortable enough. I didnt mind,
anyway. I closed the
door behind us and went towards the mirror. I
saw glints on stain
on my white, maybe from the time I threw it
on the ground when I
was with Mariam. I looked back at Tricia, and
she had already
taken off her mini-jacket. She just had her top
and short skirt on.
She was removing her shoes.
I excused myself and went out of the room to
ease myself. When I got there and brought my
dick out, I saw
that there was dry
sperm around it. I peeled em off. Shii reminded
me of Mariam.
Since I was staying in the house for the night,
and I was not a stranger there, I decided to
have a bath. I
went back to the room
to grab a towel. Tricia, although still a bit
drunk, had already
made the bed. She was on her phone when I
entered. I smiled at her, and started pulling my
jeans. She must
have thought I was
pulling my jeans to try something funny, the
way she was
looking at me. lol. She had this innocent look.
After I pulled my jeans and tots shoes, I
grabbed a towel an
turned to walk towards the door. She must
have seen my dick
shake a little. I was just smiling to myself. I
had my bath and
came back still in my boxer shorts, dropped the
towel and took
my phone out of my jeans. She had already
dropped her phone
and was following my every movement with
her eyes. When I got
on the bed, I sent some of my friends some
messages. I even
sent Anita one too. She replied, but I decided
not to continue the
conversation that night. ASUU! Nobody sleeps
early again. Even
if you send msgs at 3:00am, you’ll get a reply.
I really did not intend to bang Tricia, unless she
initiated it, so I
just told her good night and turned towards
the other side.
We left the lights on.


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