I found my wallet, brought out condom
and tore it open. She
snatched it from me and helped me slide it
on. I pushed her up
against the wall, and lifed one of her legs
up. I slid my d**k in
and started moving in slowly at first, she
too was moaning in a
low tone.
Then I started picking up pace. I was
moving faster and faster,
and she too was moaning louder and
louder. So i quickly used
my mouth to cover hers, as my tongue
explored the geographical
regions of her mouth. I started pounding
her slowly as it was not
easy going very fast again since I was
kissing her to prevent her
loud moans. Then I lifted her up and she
wrapped her legs
around me. I started taking her up and
down, but as I no be
Arnold or Van Dam, I had to drop her.
Then I bend her canine and
started hitting her from behind. I banged
her in this position for a
couple of minutes till she started saying in
a low voice that she
was Approaching already, so I increased
my tempo. Her moaning
became louder, but I did not mind. I
continued thrusting until i
felt her cum pushing against my d**k. I
increased my tempo
again till i started releasing drum after
drum of sperm into the
condom. I still kept my dick in her hot
p**sy and she maintained
her position. Soon, she stood up and my
d**k slipped out. It was
not completely flaccid, but it was not as
hard as it was earlier.
I looked at her and smiled. She did not
smile back, she just gave
one sexy look.
Thats how we started hearing people
fighting from the distance.
They were shouting.
Then somebody broke bottle. Whether on
somebody’s head, or
on the ground, I did not know.
See as we started searching for our
clothing as we started seeing
flash lights shining everywhere. We were
still hidden for now, but
we had to get our clothes on sharp sharp.
We hurriedly wore our clothes and started
peeping at what was
going on. Mariam was at my back, still
panting a little bit from
the rush she used to wear her clothes.
They were fighting
outside. Chai! I don enter am today. I was
just hoping that Kenno
was not involved in the fight at all. Since
nobody was coming to
our side, I just calmed down and faced
Mariam. I smiled and told
her that everything was alright and she’ll
get home safe the next
She asked me about where I planned on
sleeping, I asked her
where she planned on sleeping when she
was coming here. She
said she has a friend that lives on her own,
somewhere nearby,
and she planned on going to her house to
spend the night,
I told her that she should not worry, that I
knew the person who
owned the house, and I already have a
room there sef.
She thought I was joking, but I assured
We peeped again, and now everything
seemed to have settled.
There was one man in the middle, talking
to some sets of the
crowd. Chai… People shaa.. There must be
somebody to settle
fight, no matter where the fight breaks
We waited for a while, till we started
hearing loud music again.
Then we used style to dance back to the
party. We danced for a
while, my hand never leaving her backside.
What is it with men
and Bottom sef?
After about 10 minutes of dancing, I told
her that she should
come with me. We were searching all over
for Kenno or his

We later found Kenno’s brother and as
usual, I hailed him. He
told me that I could sleep in his own
room, that he might not use
his room that night. That Kenno brother
sef na bad guy. I knew
what was on his mind straight away.
I told Mariam that we should head back to
dance a little more,
but not with ourselves, so that people will
not see us together too
much. You know naija nah, before
anything, news will spread
beyond American borders sef, that they
saw bla and bla together.
I started dancing with one other girl. She
was very reserved, and
did not allow me touch too much. She was
just using style to
wriggle away if she sensed that there was
I looked around and saw Mariam with that
same guy I had seen
her with earlier. Wetin that one dey find
again? Anyway, I’d
already told Mariam that we’d sleep in
Kenno’s brother’s room.
She sef no go like sleep outside nah, or go
find person wey she
go sleep with. I just continued flexing and
danced towards
another girl. After some minutes, I turned
back,.. I did not see
Mariam again, nor the other guy. Chai…
Girls sha.
I increased my dance intensity and started
dancing more
sensually to lure another girl. Lie lie, this
girl no gree. Na drink
go work the magic last last.
”I’m a little tired. Would you mind, lets go
and have some
drinks?” I shouted to beat the sound of the
She said she needed a drink herself.
Praise God.
I took her hand and led her towards where
they were giving


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