Like the breeze that sweeps through
the Sahara, Mariam was
already back on her seat. The speed
was massive. I started
looking for my phone, I couldn’t find
it. I was searching all my
pockets frantically and using my eyes
to browse through
everywhere.. Finally, I saw my phone
at the far end of the chair.
It was stuck at the angle 90 between
the arm rest and the sofa.
As I stretched to pick it, the door
opened. It was Anita’s elder
brother, Phillip. I grabbed my phone,
looked back at him and
smiled. I started hailing him, telling
him that he is just getting
fresher every day. I dont know if it
was just me, or the air was
stinking of sex. I was smelling it as if it
was freshener.
Phillip started hailing me too. He said
he had been around since
the strike started and did it had been
very boring. I asked him to
come to my house anytime he was free
so I could teach him a
lesson in PES. he laughed out loud.
Then he turned to Mariam and told her
that he was sorry for
leaving her like that. He told her that
his mom was a real pain in
the Bottom, and he just had to follow
her to bring home
something for her. He went to her and
kissed her cheek, then he
kissed her fore-head, then he kissed
her lips, then he started
kissing her deeply.
”Get a room,” I heard Anita say. She
was now very normal.
Acting as if nothing had happened just
some minutes ago.
It occured to me that Mariam was
Phillip’s girlfriend, and he must
have brought her over and lefr her
with his sister while he
followed his mother.
One plus one is equal to two. If Phillip
had caught me with her,
I’ld be dead meat. Chai. These girls
ehn. They can put poor boys
in trouble.
As Phillip turned to face me, Mariam
gave me a knowing smile. I
think she also saw the srprise in my
I looked at Anita, she was busy on her
phone, a glint of blush still
across her cheek.
It really pained me that I never got
the chance to play with those
bosoms of Mariam. Still, Anita was my
main focus.
Phillip went inside to change, and
during the period he was
inside, there was an awkward silence
between the three of us.
We were just exchanging glances
Mariam had a ghost of a smile on her
lips. This girl shaa.
Phillip came back and we gisted for a
while. He was a very funny
guy and got all of us laughing real good
with his stories.
I checked the time, it was 2:00pm
already. I told them that I’d
better started going home, that my
mom would soon start calling
my number for me to come and help
her with things at home.
They all agreed and decided to see me
off to the gate. I exited
the door first, and next was Anita. As
she passed, i gave her a
very sexy smile, and she had no choice
than to blush a little and
smile back.
We were walking together in almost an
horizontal line, I was in
the middle of Phillip and Mariam. As
we edged closer to the gate,
my left hand found its way down, and
squeezed Mariam’s
Bottom. She practically jumped away.
The other two turned
towards ous and were having this
puzzled look on their faces. I
looked at Mariam too as if I was as
shocked as them at her
action. She said she saw nylon on the
ground and for a moment
she thought it was something else,
thats why she jumped. Phillip
started laughing at her, saying that girls
fear too much. I shook
my head too and started laughing at
her. When everybody had
their focus on the gate back, I looked
at Mariam and she gave me
a frown. A very angry frown. In my
mind, I was like WHATS
I reached home and greeted my
momsi. She asked me why I
stayed long and I explained to her that
Mr. Chizoba’s sons were
around and we gisted a little before I
decided to come back. She
told me that theres food in the
kitchen, and I also have to help
her do sorting of her catfish that
evening. I nodded my head.

I just went straight to the kitchen and
took some food, then slept
a little and woke up by five o’clock.
I got outside to see that my momsi
had already called one other
guy that’ll join in the sorting.
I did not chat with Anita that day
again, I just focused on other
issues. In the night, I dreamt about
sex. Lol. All those kind sex
wey you go dey Bleep person wey you
no know, e go com turn to
person wey you know, then the
environment go change, then you
go find yourself for another dream.
I heard that humans have plenty
dreams in just a night, and no
dream lasts more than 10 seconds.
Leave you’all to confirm.
When I woke up the next day,
needless to say, I was Konji-filled.
Had this raging hard on as I went to
ease myself. Chai! The urine
was just coming out little by little. The
urine that normally would
take me ten seconds to pass out was
now taking two minutes.
That hard-on ehn.
My momsi had not woken up, it was
still 7:30am. My Pman was
not back from where he went to.
My morning went on normally. It was
that morning I watched
Afro Candy’s sex movie trailer sef. That
shii was over-hyped.
My mind was still in its clear good-boy
state until I got a
Whatsapp msg from Anita, ‘hi’. I
replied ‘I’m good, how was your
night?’. She replied, and we started
talking about normal things.
As we were talking, my mind started
recounting the events of the
previous day.
Along the line of the chat, I just asked
Anita if Mariam was on
Whatsapp. She said ‘yes’. And you
know girls nah.., she asked
”why?”. I said, I just wanted to find out
if she was on whatsapp
so I could add her. Anita told me that
she was not going to give
me until she confirmed first from her. I
sent Anita another
message, but did not get a reply after
two minutes. She told me
that Mariam said she shouldnt give me.
I started feeling guilty for grabbing her
Bottom then. If I had
known, I wouldnt have grabbed it.
And Anita was talking as if she was not
in the story at all. lol.
When I could have sworn that I saw
her playing with her self
through her gown.
I shaa continued the chat and started
talking about different
things. I decided to focus more on
Anita. Atleast, that was my
first Operation patient. *still in the
surgeon mode*
The following days continued to be
boring. I kept going to some
of my pals houses around.
Then one of my friends said he was
having his birthday party at
his house. His house was big enough
nah, atleast, the guy papa
get money.
On that day, I went to the guy’s
birthday party, dressed in blue
jeans and one white roundneck. I put
my favourite chain around
my neck. I dont usually like wearing
chains to parties though.
When I got to the party, I was
impressed. The girls were more
than the guys by far! Good job kenno!!
I started searching for my
friend. I finally found him at one corner
of his compound chilling
with two of his friends and about four
girls. I went to meet him
and started hailing his life. I wished
him happy birthday. It was
already 7:00pm and this party looked
like it would be on for a
while into the night. End result will
definitly be some wasted girls
on the ground everywhere.


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