MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 29


* * *
”Hope it’s not too revealing?” She asked as she
turned and turned at the mirror.
”It’s transparent to an extent”
”What can you see?”
”Well, I know you’re wearing black panties,
even if the leggins is supposed to be black too”
”The leggins is transparent, and your skin
colour contrasts the out-spread black. So your
pantie out line can easily be seen.”
”Where?” She asked?
Walking up behind her, I brought my hands
down to her ass and used my fingers to draw
a curve on her bum, squeezing the hot flesh
between my thumb and fingers. ”Right here;
around here.” ”Are you sure? Or you just dey
use style tap
”Wetin special for your yansh?
Turning back, she slapped my shoulder. ”So,
you’re travelling today abi?”
”Yes, Later in the evening.”
”Hope the hold up won’t be much then,
I know this evening movement was Jude’s
idea. That guy always travels at night.”
”This one wey you know about all hin
movements. You sure say no be you and am
dey use style travel to block una selves?”
”Ahn ahn…when two of us get room for here?”
”So, you and Jude dey actually…”
”Bobbbbyyyyy!!!!!!!!” She interrupted me,
laughing. After finishing up at Funke’s place, I
home. Jude and I had planned to travel back to
Lagos that evening. I personally planned to
spend about five days in Lagos and return on
Wednessday or Thursday. After I packed some
clothes in my small bag, I called Jude to
confirm that he was ready. I met him
somewhere and from there we boarded a cab.
After almost two hours through the journey,
Jude received a call and had a change of plans.
”Guy, you know wetin go happen now?” He
”I just got a call from Pascal, my friend. And
there is something that I have to collcect from
him. It’s really important.” ”So, what are we
doing now?”
”errrm.. Since we’re still around here, let’s
board a bike to his side and early tomorrow
morning, we’ll leave there and continue our
”So, we’re sleeping over there?” ”Yes.”
Jude payed for all the vehicles we boarded.
From what I could tell, he had alot of money
that week. He even bought us food and snacks
while we conveyed ourselves to our
destination. Pascal’s place was a two bedroom
flat. He
lived alone, from what I could see, but a girl
was with him when we got there. On arrival,
Pascal welcomed us and we dropped our bags
in the house. Immediately, the four of us
(including Pascal’s girl) went to a local bar to
have some drinks. Jude sponsored this. When
we got back, the girl prepared well
garnished noodles and we all ate. After that, I
was led to the room where I and Jude would
stay. It was quite large with one bed at the
far end and there was also a camp bed lying
carelessly on the ground. A wooden chair was
the only noticeable furniture that the room
boasted of, and a blue rug hugged the floor.
When we got in, Jude excused himself and said
that he had to make some arrangements. I
dropped my bag and cleaned up the room a bit
before jumping on the bed. It felt nice enough.
Twenty minutes later, my phone rang; it was
Jude. ”Guy, howfar? Do you mind some babes

Not knowing what to expect, all I could say
was, ”Not at all. You get any package?”
”Okay nah…no worry. I dey come.” He hung up.
I wondered what he was up to as I stood up to
hiss myself. On stepping out of the room, I
imagined where the toilet might be. I used my
sense and walked into the narrow passage
way, looking left and right for any sign of a
door. I saw three doors in front; one on the
left and two on the right. I knew that the two on
the right would be the bathroom and toilet,
since it was an old structured building. As I
passed the one room on the left, I noticed
that the door was ajar. Through the small
opening, I saw Pascal on his bed, without
shorts. His girl was giving him a blow job with
her breasts out. I stopped and watched for a
while, as neither of them bothered to look my
way. Soon, I left and used the toilet. After
flushing, I suddenly heard a door close with a
thud. Walking back through the passage, I
noticed that Pascal’s door was now perfectly
locked. I shrugged. They must have heard the
sound of the toilet. I made my way to the
living room and put on the
television. There was no external satelite
connection, so only local TV stations showed.
Slowly, I fell asleep after watching a full episode
of ‘clinic matters’. I was jolted back to reality
when I heard
sounds from the front door. The door was
swung open and three figures appeared. One
was jude. The other two were girls I’d never
seen before. ”That’s the other bad guy,” Jude
said, pointing
to me as he held the two girls by their waist.
My mouth formed into a small ‘oh’. Before I
could say ”Nicki has a large butt”, one of the
girls was already on me, tugging at my shirt. I
relaxed and let her take control. She removed
my buttons one by one and finally exposed my
black singlet.


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