MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 27


She went straight to the make-shift wardrobe
at the corner of the room and selected a new
top. She also got a jeans trouser and threw
both on the bed. After a brief examination of
how both clothes match, she picked the jeans
trouser and slid it up her legs. I thought she
would go into the bathroom to change her top,
but she just yanked up the one she had on and
threw it on the bed. My eyes were fixed and no
matter how hard I tried to look away, I knew I
couldn’t. She wore a really small bra compared
to the size of her breasts. Her bra packaged the
already large breasts, making them look
like they were going to burst. I could see the
little swellings at the beginning of her areolas
as she bent to retrieve the new top from the
bed. She did not even bother looking at me. I
glanced at Jude, but he didn’t seem to notice
anything as he typed really fast on his phone.
We left after she was done. * * * He ran his
hand up her fresh laps. His horniness
had risen rapidly after seeing her in that tight
blue bumshort. He moved closer to her and
planted a kiss on her fore head. She didn’t
move. She just continued replying her chats
laughing awkwardly. Taking his hands off her
laps, he attempted to slide them under her
free top. He wanted to squeeze those delicious
breasts that attracted him to her.
Immediately he reached her tummy, she
stopped him. She quickly stood from the bed
and put on a serious face. ”No. No touchy
touchy until you give me the
money I requested.” She blasted.
”Chill naw, is it not just that shoe that you
want to buy?… Calm down till monday naw.”
he tried to cajole her.
”No oo.. Which kind monday? That’s how you’ll
promise now. When you chop me finish, you’ll
forget that you promised anythin.” She fought
”Okay.. Cross my heart. On monday, I swear
you will buy that shoe.”
”Are you sure?” ”Yes naw… It’s just N6000
”No. It’s now N7500. You know these prices
increase everyday.”
”Ah. Well, okay, i’ll give you on monday…oya
come naw baby..” Showing a shy smile, she
moved closer to him
and touched his chest. ”You sef. You too like to
dey fuck fuck. You no
go leave anything for my husband?”

”Who is that husband? No be me? Leave me
and let me enjoy my right ooo”
”That’s how you guys talk. Soon you’ll see
another girl and forget about marrying me. God
dey ooo”. Laughing, she bent and kissed him.
He quickly
grabbed her breasts like he had only five
seconds left to live. He squeezed them through
her shirt. She broke the kiss and moved back.
She was about to take off her top when they
had a knock. It was Bobby. Ama adjusted and
sat on the bed with her
phone in her fingers. After they had finished
discussing, Ama
suggested that they should go out and find
something to eat. He didn’t like his girlfriend
being exposed to other guys outside so he
asked her to wear something else. He was
surprised when Ama decided to take off her top
in front of his friend, but he didn’t mind.
He even caught the bastard gawking at her
melons. He just ignored him. After all, he wont
be able to control his own desires if he was the
one in that position, he thought. * * *
On returning home, he jumped on his bed. He
was home alone. Ama had given an excuse as
to why she had to go back to her own house.
He sighed. Picking up his phone, he scrolled up
the number titled ”new catch”. He dialed. The
call was picked on the second ring. His
confidence suddenly died as he heard the voice
on the other end. He shivered a bit and was
able to stammer, ”Hell ,.. Hello.,” ”Yes, who is
this?” A matured female voice
boomed at the other end.
”errm…” He coughed. ”J.D… It’s Jaaayy D.
Abu gave me your number.”
”Oh.. JD abi? The one I met at her house?”
”Yes ma,” He replied, relieved. ”uuuh. I am Mrs
”Good evening ma.”
”Ha….No. J.D, you can call me Yetty”
”Yettymama… I think I prefer that,” he was
finally able to talk freely.
She laughed heartily at as she let the name sink
in. After the call to Mrs Owolabi, Jude was
with himself and sat up on his bed. He
his entire schedule for the week.
He had an appointment with Mrs Owolabi at
‘Cupid’ on tuesday. He was going to travel
home with Bobby on friday. He was going to
see his side-chic at her apartment on
Wednesday. He was glad that there really
wasn’t much going on in school yet. Some
lecturers had not resumed. Even those that
were around were still beating around the bush
and giving useless talks. Finally, he slept off.


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