MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 26


* * * Waking up, I stretched my arms, yawning.
Alfred’s bed was empty. I took my phone
from under my pillow and checked the time.
9:05. Gosh! I was going to miss church if I
shower quickly. My little man down there was
hard as a metal baton so I adjusted my boxer
short to keep it in place. Thirty minutes later, I
was brushing my hair. I wore my shoes and
locked the door. On my way out, I ran into
Alfred, who was just returning after seeing his
girlfriend off. ”Which time you enter yesterday?”
I asked
with a smirk.
”Ah! You don sleep when I enter” He replied.
”And… You no go church today?”
”See, for now ehn, I no even get cloth wey I go
wear. I have to do some washing today”
”Taaah! Devil pikin. Anyhow sha, I’ll soon be
back.” I left. * * * Getting out of bed, Jude
walked up behind Mrs
Abu. He put both hands on her shoulders and
bent to give her a kiss on the back of her neck.
She just continued arranging her various cans
of beauty products. Her face was
expressionless. ”I’ll have to start going now.”
He finally said.
”Okay.” She replied with a nod. ”Be quick.
Victoria called saying she might come home
this morning.” She added. Victoria was her
daughter. She was in a nearby
state for her youth service. She frequently
came home to see her mother. Jude had never
met her but he’d learnt alot about her from
her mother. ”Okay then.” He picked his shirt
and strolled
towards the foot of the bed where his singlet
was lying. She looked at him from the mirror
through out his dressing up. ”errr.. anytime you
need me, errm, just call.
See you later” He said, scratching his head as
twisted the door knob. Outside, he met Lydia
mopping the floor.
”Hi,” He proposed a greeting.
She did not reply. Instead, she changed the
direction she was facing and backed him. He
walked towards her and as she bent to dip the
mop for a squeeze, he lightly slapped her ass
through her thin skirt. She jumped reflexively
and wanted to shout, but she kept her lips
together. Seeing the angry frown on her face,
Jude walked away as she hissed. When he got
to the main door, he looked back. He could see
Mrs Abu already with Lydia, and from her
expression, he could tell that she was warning
Lydia. Well, who know wetin Mr Abu sef dey do
for where hin dey? Jude thought as he left the
premises. ”Ah Oga, you don dey go?” The dark
complexioned gateman asked, with a broad
smile on his face.
”Yes oo” Jude said. ”Just hold this one.” he
added, slipping a N500 note into the
gateman’s waiting palms. Atleast, he was now
confident that some money would be
transferred into his account on monday.
As he
strode towards the mainroad, he wondered
what Victoria might look like in real life. He had
already seen her pictures; she seemed cute. * *
* In the evening, that same day, I went to
Funke’s house to see Jude. I first checked on
Funke in her room and discovered that her
boyfriend was around. I just said hi and asked
why I didn’t see her in church that day.

We don’t attend the same church). She just
smiled, understanding the tease and told me
that she was busy. I said hello to the tall,
muscular guy and went on to the room Jude
had described to me. I got there and knocked.
A fat lippy girl opened the door and stared at
me. ”I’m looking for Jude.” I spoke first.
”Jude?…Jude Jude Jude,” She repeated it like
was trying to figure out who Jude was.
”Yes, Jude….errm, Jay D” I tried to help her out.
”Oh…. J.D.. yea, next room,” She pointed.
I smiled and thanked her. In Jude’s room, I met
a cute, giant boobed girl.
She was all smiles through out my stay, joining
in our conversation whenever she could. She
kept on yabbing Jude about how broke he was.
He just ignored every of her playful comments.
Looking at the room, I could tell Jude was not
broke. Well, maybe he was at that time, I had
no idea, but he sure lived the good life. He had
television set with DSTV connection, although
he had not subscribed for that month. He had
Manchester United posters all over the wall
and he even had a Manchester United Jersey
that he hanged beside one of the posters. We
talked and concluded plans to get both our
parents to meet each other and discuss their
poultry ideas. I had called my father earlier and
he seemed interested to an extent. We had
decided to schedule the meeting for the coming
saturday. We would leave school on Friday.
Jude was not moody and dull like he was the
first time I saw him. He seemed livlier.
maybe it’s because that short, dark chelsea
fan wasn’t around, I thought and laughed in
my head. Night was drawing near and Jude’s
suggested that we got something to eat. I
was already considering going home, but
couldn’t decline the offer. When Jude stood for
us to go, he looked back at his girlfriend and
asked; ”Are you going like that?” implying her
dressing. She was wearing a bumshort and t-
Looking down at her own dressing she
mouthed a silent ”whatever..”


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