MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 20


**”I want to have my bath,” Funke announced.
”Maybe a quick shower will calm my nerves”.
”You sound like you need someone to help you
out.” I grinned.
”With what?” ”Scrubbing? Or whatever it is that
you girls do
in there for two hours.”
”Ahn Ahn! I don’t take that long in the
bathroom, Bobby, ” She countered. ”Point out
one time that i’ve spent two hours bathing”
”Calm down ooh, I didn’t really mean two hours.
But when last did you spend less than
ten minutes in the shower?” I said, pointing an
accusing finger.
She playfully hit my finger away and searched
her brain for a perfect come-back.
”Ten minutes? You don’t want me to wash
myself well, right? You don’t want my
boyfriend to give me head again abi?” She
fought back.
”So that’s what you spend so much time
washing, ehn?” I smiled. ”I never knew you
were the head-loving type.” She blushed a bit
before she replied. ”Well,
urrm, I just started liking it. I guess others
didn’t know how to do it well. Why am I even
telling you this?” She jolted to her feet and
strode towards her towel rack.
I stared at her bum as it jiggled in the ash,
partly transparent leggins she wore. Her blue
pantie outline was clearly visible. This show
lasted till her previously hiked t-shirt fell over
her round bum. That ass was her selling point.
With the show ended, I continued the
”So I take it that Tunde is very good at it?”
”I didn’t mention Tunde, did I?” She shot back,
”Uh oh, So theres… ” ”Don’t start your naughty
insinuations now
joh.” She cut me short.
”Okay then,” I laughed out quite loud. ”So Mr.
Head is really good at it then?”
”You this boy… You just want me to talk”
”Well?” ”Well, let’s just say that if the person
what he’s doing, that’s when he can make the
girl like it. I can rate them and…”
”Why not tell me where I stand then?” I
”You? How? There’s no basis for me to rate you
on nah.” She was still smiling.
”I could give you one and you could rate me”
”Woah woah woah… Private property Siren
blowing.. Don’t over step on private
property”, She did a little swirl with her mouth,
laughing hysterically. ”I won’t over step, i will
just step, cross my
heart.” I tried not to sound too serious.
”Mr naughty, let me just go have my bath now,
or you’ll never let me have one if I continue
staying here.” She turned to leave, carrying a
neat white towel in her hand. I just smiled as
she walked away laughing.
* * *

I was on her bed replying some messages
when the cracking sound of her bathroom door
broke the peaceful silence. I looked towards
it’s direction and realized that Funke was done
bathing. The sparkling white towel was around
her naked body and looked rather short on her.
Her fair skin glistened with freshness and the
perfume of her soap filled the air. She had
green shower cap on her head and the clothes
she was wearing before were now in her
hands. She went towards her laundry basket
and threw them in. I couldn’t help but look. I
watched each step she took and it all seemed
to happen in slow motion. As her legs lift up a
few inches, I strained my eyes to look up at
what I could see. Just more fresh thighs came
into view. She had never allowed me see her
naked before, unless some few slips, which
American paparazzi would call wardrobe
malfunction. What sophisticated terminology
to address a simple dress slip, huh?
Meanwhile, she looked back at me and noticed
me staring. ”You know this is the part where I
tell you to excuse me, right?”
I smiled. ”Look, I have a choice. I can choose to
go or not. Besides, can’t you just dress up in
the bathroom?”
”Ha! In my own room again? Until I scream
that you want to see private property abi?” She
”You only dropped your leggins and t-shirt. I
thought you had blue panties on before.”
”Ehn? How did you know I had blue panties on?
You were looking at another man’s thing eh?
Wetin carry your eyes go there? Anyway, I
washed it in the bathroom. Oya please give me
five minutes.” I gave a nod and obliged.
One day I was going
to not only see all she was hiding, but also
touch and enter. That was the new mission.
She just turned the heat on.
I knew the routine. Whever she wanted to
dress up, she liked being alone. Even her
boyfriends sometimes had to stay outside.
Wife dey hide pot of soup from her husband
wey put the money down? Well, maybe it’s to
let him have limited access to the soup, so that
he won’t get used to it and lose his desire for
such taste.


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