MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 19


**** ”Com’on! I know what’s at stake here!” he
screamed at the top of his voice.
”Jared, Jared,” The man in the expensive suit
shook his head, maintaining eye contact with
the lean figure in front of him. ”You talk like
you do, but you’re not acting like it.” ”You know
you can’t keep on treating me like
shit!” Jared blasted back.
”I pay your bills and…”
The sounds from the movie declined gradually
until it came to full mute. I turned my head and
looked across my naked shoulder to see Funke
with the TV remote.
She smiled and walked towards the couch on
which I sat. I looked back at the screen and
watched the inaudible mouth movements of the
characters. I knew we were going to have
a long talk. ”What do you think I should do
about it?” her
voice killed the silence.
”What?” I tilted my head backwards.
”What I told you about joh,” she paused.
she continued, ”About Tunde and Peter.”
I ran my fingers across my chin, pretending to
be in deep thought. Tunde was her boyfriend,
who she was close to breaking up with. She
already put it in motion. Peter was another
guy that had been disturbing her with
proposals of love. She was confused on
whether to hold on to Tunde or accept Peter. I
and Funke had been friends for a while,
atleast for close to a year. In this short time,
she had told me virtually everything there was
to know about her. She even told me things I
thought were not normal for her to tell me.
She was the freaky type. Very freaky, with
broad lips and almost square facial structure.
Her eyes popped out a bit, which gave her a
younger look than her age suggested. She was
light complexioned naturally, complimented by
the expensive body lotions she owned and had
a dark spot very close to her lips. She claimed
it had been there right from the day she was
We met on facebook and we instantly became
enemies. She made a comment about how
forget that it’s their responsibility to take
care of all their girlfriend’s needs. I replied
angrily and said some things that must have
hurt her. We were always at each other’s
necks from then on. It all ended when I passed
a compliment on her profile picture. She only
replied me out of all the guys who were
drooling over the picture, trying their best to
sound nice. After that, I hit her inbox and she
replied. We talked alot and I discovered that
she was even in my school. That’s how we
became good friends. We were so close, you
would think we were dating or atleast having
sex. But we weren’t doing either. I was always
careful to make sure her boyfriends never
suspected anything between us. I rarely saw
her when her boyfriends were around. We did
this to help keep the trust in her relationships
because honestly, anybody who saw us
together would find it hard believing we weren’t
in some kind of
relationship. Whether I’d ever imagined fucking
her brains out? Yes! I had. I just hadn’t found
the way to do it then. And to be sincere, it
was better that there was nothing more
between us. We were too close to be more than
friends. Things would definitly go wrong.
This puts more weight on the argument on the
good side of self friend-zoning. Not every
friendzone is bad, as long as you have the key
to get out of that friendzone. Well, I didn’t. -_
– ”Atleast say something Bobby.” She scowled.
”Why don’t you take your mind off this for a
moment, dear” I caught her eyes.
”What if…”

”Look, I already told you to wait a while. See if
Tunde is still interested in you first. Has he
even called you today? What if he has already
concluded the break-up in his mind? Just take
this slow.”
”You know, maybe you’re right. I could take my
mind off it.”
”Better” ”Then, you know what else?” A
suspicious smile
formed across her face.
I adjusted on the couch and looked directly at
her. ”What are you thinking?” I asked.
”Me?” ”Yes you,” She continued. ”You promised
to tell
me how you got dis-virgined.”
She walked closer to me and put her hands on
my shoulder, running it down my chest.
heart stopped beating. I knew she was toying
with me. ”Who even told you that I’m still not a
Good boy like me…” I looked up into her face.
”So what about all those girls that you invite
over? Or you’re now a pastor that conducts
night vigils in your room?”
”Taah! Which girls? How would you know sef?
Do you even step out of this room when them
oga dem are around?” I shot back, laughing.
She slowly removed her hands from my


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