MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 17


My d*ck got hard again instantly. She sucked it
like she was
enjoying some kind of ‘stick-sweet’. lol.
I briefly tried to forget about my sister.
must be watching
TV now or something. I didnt care. Anita payed
optimum attention to the cap,
sucking it with the
kind of seriousness first class students use in
the library.
I just layed back and relaxed, enjoying the
sensation that came with each feel of her warm
tongue. I Never
knew she’d be much
of a blow-jobber (if the word exists.).
Suddenly, the blue light at the corner of the
room went off. Then it
came back on. I was still trying to figure out
what was going on
when I I heard the sound of generator dying.
Then it occured to
me that those silly people must have restored
I stopped Anita from sucking as I felt my load
was already
starting to arrange.
I got off the bed and took her by the hand,
leading her towards
the corner of the bed. I asked her to rest her
hands on the wall and put her left leg on the
She looked at me and did as she was
I lifted my left leg and kept it on the bed,
holding the wall with my
right hand for support, while I slid my d*ck in
with my left hand. I
took that left hand to her bosom and
squeezed it as I started
moving in and out of her bee hive.
I looked down watching her bum shake like jelly
as my piston movement continued. She was
moaning softly
to the wall,
obviously enjoying the thrill. I continued
squeezing her both
bosoms one after the other and together. You
could hear the slapping sound my device was
making as it
kept receiving 4.5g
network. I started playfully hitting once,
rolling my waist a little,
then hitting again. She was moaning with
pleasure, but it was not too loud. I kissed the
back of her neck,
then worked my lips
around it, almost kissing her collar bone.
I reduced my pace slowlu like I was gradually
applying break,
then I told her to turn around. I wanted to see
her ”I’m-being-bleeped” face.
She turned around, dropping her leg, with a
puzzled look on her

I pinned her to ther wall with a kiss. My hand
found its way to her wet p*ssy, simultaneously
working on her
mouth lips and
p*ssy lips at the same time.
I used my finger to graze around in her warm
womanliness, in
frantick search of that spot..yes, that spot. She
jerked forward,
with a loud moan in my mouth. Yes…I must
have found it.
I continued probing her Kitty-Cat, and
showering kisses on her
neck, with my right hand pinned to the wall.
Then I lifted her right leg upward and placed it
on the bed. She
almost lost her balance, but she was good.
I liked the fact that I was taller than her, if
not, this position
would not have been easy to continue with. My
hard d*ck was poking the area around her
pubic hair the
whole time.
I used my left hand to help my d*ck towards
those p*ssy lips
that it was already getting very familiar with,
brushing her little
pubic hair in the process.
Finally, it was there.
I looked her in the eyes. Those sexy ”i’m-about-


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