MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 15


Dang! My bulge! It was very evident and in full
view, and now
it was almost between her thighs. In the
position we were in, it
was as if I was trapping her.
No words were spoken between us for a while.
Something just told me in my head that this
was my chance. My
only chance, maybe.
I threw the napkin on the tiled part of the sink
and bent down a
little to kiss her forehead. My left hand went
behind her waist
and pulled her closer to me, sending my bulge
between her
She did not do anything. No reaction, positive
or negative, so I continued.
I did the acid test and kissed her lips, using my
tongue to part
them. She responded and took me fully in. She
took over and
gave me a very intense kiss. I broke the kiss at
a point for us to
catch our breathe. I looked her in her eyes, and
she was not
scared to maintain eye contact anymore.
First obstacle out of the way.
I resumed the kissing, devouring each state in
her mouth and
using my tongue to wreck the capital.
My left hand went lower and grabbed her a**
through her jean
trousers, while my right hand followed suit,
pinning her very close to me.
Her height was very suitable for me.
I broke the kiss and started kissing her all
over. With each kiss
brught a moan. That moan that could make a
bat fly out in the day for no reason at all. I
kissed her neck, her
ear lobes, her
nose, her lips, her jaw, her neck again, then
very close to her
The heat that both of us were generating alone
could boil another
water for poundo-yam. Poundo yam! Thank
you poundo yam!
I squeezed her a** with my two hands, running
them up and
down that perfect sample. My lips gripped her
lower lip again, before my
tongue delved into
her mouth one more time. She moaned in my
mouth, and I felt her
hand resting on my bulge. I broke the kiss
immediatelty at the shock, looked her in the
eyes and saw the

I took her hand and led her to my room.
I closed the door behind us and continued my
rensacking of her
properties, before a thought entered my head. I
told her that I
was coming and ran out to take her shoes
from the front door. I
did this incase my sister came out. I usually
locked my room
door if I was going out sometimes, so if she
came to my room
and found it locked, she’ld think we were’nt in
the house
anymore. She’d go outside to check, and she’d
not find our
shoes. That’ld show that we’d gone out. Now,
the strategy was to
keep my ears down for when her room door
would open so that
we’d keep our sounds down. Even if my mom
came back, she’ld
not notice a thing. *on my Michael Scofield
shii* I took my pam-sandals too, and rushed
to my room.


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