MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 14


She had this sexy smile on her face. Innocently
sexy. Me likey.
I asked her to have her seat while I performed
my magic. She did,
and I went outside to put on the gen. That our
gen sounds like a factory work machine.
That shii is loud!!
I closed the door behind me, smiled at her and
went to the kitchen
to change the socket shii to generator.
When I got back, she had already picked up one
of my sister’s magazines and was going
through it. I rubbed
my palms together
and sat on a chair close to hers.
We started talking about something she saw
in the magazine,
before an electric current ran through her and
she took her bag
and brought out her charger. She gave me her
phone and pleaded
with me to help her out with the charging.
Just as I plugged the charger, I heard my
sister’s room door open. I sighed. She came
out and saw Anita. They
knew each other
because my dad usually sent her over to their
house whenever I
was not around, and she was. I just hoped
that Anita’s brothers did not have my own kind
of mind, because my
sister was quite a
masterpiece herself, like her brother.
Thank you
very much .
They did their regular girlish girly girl greetings
while I was just
there going through Anita’s phone, waiting for
them to finish.
I went to her photos, and I saw one of my
pictures. Then another,
then another, then one other one. I did not
remember sending her
any of my pictures, but then I could remember
that I had used each
of the pictures as my whatsapp DP. That was
not a major thing
though. I just kept scrolling down, admiring her
in her pictures and
some of her other friends. There was this very
hippy girl there. The
type of hips that could make Toolz call her
Hippo. I laughed and
moved on. I got an instant Attention when i
saw this
near Unclad picture of
Mariam in her phone. Mariam was in just
panties, one of her arms
holding her b*obs together and the other hand
trying to ward off the camera. All these girls
sef. They’ll take
these kinds of photos
of themselves, and later, they’ll complain of
their pictures being
leaked. I enjoyed the sight a little before i un-
zoomed and started scrolling down.
Then, i heard my name.
I looked up.
It was Anita, giving me a funny smile. She
asked what I was doing
with her phone that I looked so interested. I
said I was just going
through her pictures.
She laughed and told me not to look at any
nudes that might be
”yes, ma”. I told her. There wasnt any other
Unclad there, actually.
My sister went
outside, to do something that I didnt care
about, obviously. I went
back to my former seat position and started
talking with Anita again. I told her about the
food, and we talked
some more about
some other irrelevant things. I had already put
on the TV. I did not
want to rush things, though. I took it slow and
maintained a steady conversation. The top she
wore was
rather tempting,
leaving some cleavage. I tried alot not to look
at it, but I just had
to, and it sent some sensations down to my
ever-willing brother down there.
The problem came when she asked me if I
bring the food for
her. Shiii! She did not know the kitchen.
Would I
start describing
the kitchen for her because I did not want to
stand up?? Chai…
I knew that if I stood up, there was nothing
that would hide the
bicycle kick that my bro down there would do. I
looked around,
and told myself… ”Dog no dey worry about
stretch marks”-
Mathicks, 2013. … So why would I worry about
this one?
I got up, and so did my erect d*ck.
I looked at her eyes, and they were fixed.
Whether shocked,
excited, angry, or whatever, I did not know. I
just wanted to get out
of there and into the kitchen.
Then my sister opened door and entered.
…Instinctively, my both hands went into my
pockets and brought
them up, slightly covering the bulge.
Anita’s cheeks were a little red.
Luckily, my sister did not really pay much
attention to me, she
just told Anita that she was coming and went
straight to her
room. Or maybe she saw what was
I did a very awkward walk to the kitchen, with
my hands in my pockets for half the journey. In
the kitchen, I
did everything
possible, using my mind effectively to bring
down the bulge. I
brought out two wraps of the made poundo-
yam and did all the necessaries before bringing
her food back to
the sitting room, in
a tray. How many Nigerian homes use the
dining table? Buhaha.
I then dashed back to the kitchen to bring
mine. She complemented that it looked nice
from the
outside view and said
she hoped it tasted as nice. We had forgotten
everything about
what happened moments ago. While we were
eating, she asked, ”who prepared this soup?”
I was faced between the options of lying and
getting all the
credit, or saying the truth and sounding very
honest in the
process. My sister might walk in any moment,
and something
would come up about the soup and Anita would
find out I was
lying….so i stuck with the safer option.
I told her it was my mom.
She laughed and asked if it was the previous
day or that same
day that my mom had prepared it. I told her it
was the previous
day, but I was responsible for the poundo yam,

Nice….everything was going well. We finished
eating and started discussing
about stuff. I cant
remember what we were talking about, I just
know we were
talking. After some minutes, she cleared the
table by herself and took the plates and shii to
the kitchen. She
was walking as if she
knew everywhere in the house on her own.
She was taking very long in the kitchen, and I
wondered what was happening. Well, shes a
girl. She wont
want to leave the
plates and everything dirty like that, i thought.
I waited for a while, busy on my phone, going
through her phone
for a while too. I was hearing water running,
though, so I knew
she was alright.
A minute later, she called out from the kitchen.
She called my
name in the sexiest voice I’ve heard in my life.
Or maybe thats what my brain just wanted to
I answered her, dropped my phone to charge,
then moved
straight-up to the kitchen.
I got to the kitchen door and halted. …
She was cleaning the sink with water, maybe
after washing it
earlier with sponge and soap.
I was in another world as I stood there and
stared at the spectacle of her behind. The
frame that had
mesmerised me from
the very first day I went to her hoese. She was
standing in a
position that could drive any man crazy.
was not doing it on purpose, so it did not make
the pose look
ridiculous in anyway. I
just stared at it…and stared at her figure
from down, up..,up,
down. It was captivating in every sense of the
word. I must have spent up to 20 to 30 seconds
there just
admiring her from where
I stood. For that brief moment, i was not
hearing any sound
again…I was practically deaf. I started hearing
those kinds of noises you hear when you’re
dreaming. It was
mild, it was as if it
was spread across the air. Wait… She was
In my brief state of practical unconsciousness,
I hadnt noticed that she was already facing me,
and her lips
were moving. Then I
came back to life.
”Where do you keep your drying napkin?”
It took me a moment to process it, but I did. I
just pointed to where it was. Then I walked
there and brought
out one neat
napkin and moved closer to her to hand it
Now, I knew what I was doing. I was very
conscious. She had already faced back, and
was rinsing
her hands in the
sink. Her cheek was red. Whats wrong?
I went closer to her ..
” here…”
She faced back abruptly at the sound of my
Now she was facing me, and I could see her full
blush. Her both
cheeks were slightly flushed. She avoided eye
contact…and then
I noticed.


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