MY P-MAN FRIEND’S DAUGHTER…..(18+)…..Part 11


She started bouncing, up and down, up and
down, up and
down. Her pace was steady and rhythmic. You
could hear the
slapping sound and could practically ‘hear’ how
wet her p*ssy was. She closed her eyes and
enjoyed the
moment. I just lay
there and let her sail the boat. When I was
sure that we had
arrived at a safe location, I looked at my
compass, and took control of the ship. I held
her in a near embrace
and dragged her
down a bit till I could feel her bosoms on my
bare skin. Her Tips
poking into my soft epidermis. Shii was about
to get heated. I started pounding from below,
delving into her
wet environment
with care, at first. I increased the tempo
gradually, until I started
hearing soft moans beside my shoulder. I
picked up momentum and started hitting it. Her
skin was ever so
soft, especially the
skin on her a**. I squeezed it as i pounded into
her sweet warmt.
She became restless, moving her Bottom with
my dick in it, north, west, south and east. She
was very
restless and had
started breathing heavily. Her lips managed a
‘faster…fas..faster’. It was a whisper, but a
whisper that could cut through the greenwich, if
care was not
taken. I obliged, and
started hitting it faster, faster, and even
She stiffened as her p*ssy started convulsing. I
continued hitting it until she calmed down.
Then I brought her up
and let her face
fall on mine. I kissed her deeply like she was
my long lost wife,
and then I realised. I had not used a condom.
My mind was bothered, and a song of guilt
played through my
I was guilty of breaking my personal rule, that
I had promised to
break only when it was necessary.
All the thoughts about condom and shii
vanished from my mind
immediately she started grinding on my d*ck
She kissed my chest and started moving her
waist in something
that seemed like a 360 movement. My d*ck that
had already
started becoming soft at the fear of the
sudden realization of my
condomless state, immediately sprung back
into action. I looked
in her eyes, and moved a little. She understood
and rolled over. I
got up and positioned myself in the middle of
her legs. We were
sweaty, in the heat of the moment, and the
fan was not even
working at its full potential. It all made it better
anyway, so I did
not mind. Her sweaty body glistened before
my eyes, looking
beautiful like fried plantain. Very eatable, if
only there was stew
to pour on her. Those p*ssy lips were already
swollen, smiling
at me with there
invisible teeth. I smiled back at them and used
my finger to feel
the wetness. My fingers were immediately
covered with the thickness of aloe verra.
I finger Bleep her for some seconds and even
two of my fingers
moved in with ease. I tried slipping in three,
but it did not go very
freely, so i stuck with two, and watched as she
was twisting and
turning like Neymar.
Sex and football are truely alike.
I held the glans of my rooster and slid in with
ease. Her p*ssy
had already adapted to the girth and length of
my Iraqi weapon. I
just started pounding away and enjoyed the
sounds of her
moans, while the clock continued to tell us that
it too was
watching everything, with its incessant ticking

I did not bother looking up at it, I already had a
sight to behold in
front of me. In another minute, I felt my d*ick
enlargen. I could
feel that fluid was going to start climbing
through my urethra
soon. Tricia was still moaning loudly, and again
I turned her sideways, as I held my release. I
bent down a little, cupped her bosom with one
hand and used the
second hand to
support myself as I slammed away. I felt her
hot cum on my
d*ck, and she twisted in yet another splendid
heavenly feeling. I was ready to release inside
her her
confinement when Angel
Gabriel shouted in my head.
”You dummy!! What do you think you’re
Shiii…i remembered…No condom!
I quickly used my supporting hand to push
myself up(on my Jet
li shii again) and brought out my cum-filled
c*ck, immediately
pointing in towards her bum.
I struggled to keep myself in that position as
my entire body vibrated with electricity. Spurts
after spurts
of thick cum were
deposited on the bed and on her Bottom.
I fell on the bed, avoiding where my sperm had
deposited itself.
She turned and faced me with fulfilment in her
I smiled, and moved closer. She rolled into me,
and I could feel
her breathe on my chest.
”Bob… Bobby!”
we woke up to the knock on the door, still
unsure of who it was.
Maybe Kenno.
I rubbed my heavy eyes.


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