MY OWN KARMA – Episode 22



Episode 22.

“OK its fine, I’ve forgiven you. I think I should do this for my children, Veronica said.
“Thank you, thank you so much. You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that, Matthew said getting up and hugged her.

“Now save my daughters from being drama queens, Veronica said smiling..
“We are beginning to see our talents, Joy replied.

“Oh no I know you two are far better than this. Thanks for being such a darling, Veronica said hugging her children…………..

Princess arrived home and found her husband helping himself with a glass of wine, “chilling alone without company? She asked.
“Yea as you can see, please join me, he said.

“No thank you, I’ll just take my rest now, she said.
“Honey, are you avoiding me? He asked.

“I didn’t say so, I just want to take my rest that’s all, she said.
“But we can have a glass first before you leave, please, he insisted and poured the wine into another glass.

“Fine just a glass then, she said and sat with him getting the glass from him.
“I just want you to know that nothing will ever change between us, he slowly said.

“Just stop it, don’t say what you are not certain you will keep. We both know who will stand a better chance in the end and I’m beginning to accept my fate, Princess said and gulped in the whole wine, dropped the glass and left for her room……………………..

Debbie arrived with Gideon and saw Prisca was not at home, “where will she go to? Gideon asked.
“Her mom place of course, are you leaving now? She asked.

“Yes I’ll see you later okay, he said and pecked her.
“Wait, what are we going to do about the preparations? Or when will I visit your family? She asked and he smiled.

“In two days time, and for the preparations I have someone handling that. Its going to be simple but memorable okay, He said and she nodded slowly.
“As long as its going to be a wedding that’s fine by me, Debbie said and hugged him and he left.

She fell on the bed happily checking the time to see its getting late already, “soon I’ll be married just like that, I can’t still believe this is happening to me. Prisca and my mom will be here preaching heaven and earth to me, now who is getting married first? They don’t know even the bible says “its not he that runneth or willeth but the God that showeth mercy”. They judged me all and wrote me off but God will surprise them soon, I’ll be Mrs to a rich handsome dude soon! She shouted alone in the room covering her face happily with her pillow………….

Rachel arrived at a place and met an old man covered with white beards.
She carefully told him her troubles while he smiled shaking his head, “so what do you want me to do? He asked.

“I want to be the only one Desmond will love, I want this Princess of a woman to be totally out of his heart totally if possible let her die, Rachel said.
“So in summary you want her to die ba? Be very clear and stop mixing words here, the man said while she scratched her head.

“Erm if that is the best and the ideal thing to do so Desmond will only see me in his life, she said and he laughed hard.
“You will pay, he said.

“Ahh any amount I’m ready, just name the price but I hope I won’t be implicated, Rachel said………………

That night Veronica relocated to her husband room, as they cuddled themselves on the bed she remembered something.
“I saw your baby girl and it looks like she’s about to get married, she said.

“My baby girl? Matthew asked.
“Your once upon a time baby girl, you should know, she replied and he heaved.

“If she’s getting married then good for her, please end of that discussion, let’s talk about us, he said holding her tight.
“There’s nothing to talk about us, she said.

“OK let’s talk about our son, gotten a Name yet? He asked.
“Many, she replied.
“Many? Wow we’ll manage just five for him alone, what do you think? He asked and Veronica laughed……………….

Rachel returned home late in the night and found Desmond awake waiting for her, “where are you coming back from? You were not at home and you were not picking your calls either why? He asked.

“Don’t tell me you are such a boring monitoring spirit. I just needed space that’s it, she replied.
“Space? What’s up with all this attitude? Its stinks and it doesn’t suit you either! Desmond shouted on her and walked away leaving her swelling in anger.
“We will see how hard it stinks! She shouted back……………….

Gideon settled with his friends drinking and they still couldn’t believe that he’s getting married soon.
“But you and Kemi just had a little fight barely 2 weeks ago, I mean how will she receive such a news that you’re getting married? You barely know this girl dude, one of them said.

“If its about this Kemi talk please don’t go there. And if its about me getting married I know what I’m doing, you should know marriage is one of the least thing on my mind now, Gideon replied.

“Now that’s the point, why are you getting married to her? Can you just give us a little hint and let’s see how we can help out? Remember we are friends o and keeping us in the dark is not fair at all, another said and Gideon heaved looking at them.

“Fine, its a secret that we all need to be careful. I know it won’t sound good but I need to do this, Gideon said and closely whispered something to them.

“And you wanted doing it alone? But isn’t it too risky? His friend asked.
“Who among them is in the risky side? Another asked.

“Guy don’t worry, everything is settled but what will you do about Kemi? I know you still love her and you can’t deny it, his friend said and Gideon was quiet………

Prisca arrived home and Debbie quickly broke the news to her, “you see, everything is going so smoothly. So will you be my chief bride maid? Debbie asked and Prisca scoffed.

“Why choose me? She asked.
“Well consider that as a privilege, Debbie replied and Prisca smiled.

“Did you just say privilege? Wow that’s interesting, now if you don’t mind i want to sleep, Prisca said and changed up immediately to retire to bed.
“Your jealousy of course won’t help, when you change your mind just let me know okay but don’t let it be too late, Debbie said………….



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