One month later

Anna was in the kitchen washing the plates while Daniel sat down on the counter pressing his phone,
Anna: Danny!
Daniel: what?
Anna: why don’t you want to go to your room?
Daniel: am bored.
Anna: then visit your friends.
Daniel: you are the only friend i have.
Anna: what of your girlfriend?
Daniel: she left me for my brother.
Anna: what?
Daniel: (looks at her) oh my God, she’s unhappy.
Anna: who?
Daniel: you of course,i have told you several times to tell him how you feel about him but you won’t.
Anna: i don’t have any feeling for him!
Daniel: stop lieing and accept the fact that you do
Anna: and what if i do? Its not going to change anything.
Daniel: tell him first.
Anna: i can’t, he has a girlfriend, i can’t destroy anyone’s relationship.
Daniel: uhuh,i know that.
Anna: don’t you want your girlfriend back?
Daniel: i don’t want her anymore.
Anna: why?
Daniel: she dumped me.
Anna: and so what?
Daniel: she can’t take me back,it’s really over for good.
Anna: Danny.
Daniel: what?

Anna: nothing i just like the name.
Daniel: liar(jumps down from the counter)
Anna: am through with the plates,let’s go and eat.
Daniel: okay mam.
Anna: whatever (laughs and the both left the kitchen)
Tina’s apartment
Tina sat down on her bed with her friend Anita, they were discussing when anita brought up something.
Anita: are you planning to take Dan back?
Tina: that guy has nothing so i can’t.
Anita: he is the one that loves you,that’s what am sure of, Chris will dump you someday.
Tina: he won’t try it.
Anita: you think you are the only girl he has?
Tina: yes of course.
Anita: i know that Daniel is waiting for you to take him back someday and here you are killing yourself over someone that doesn’t give a f–k about you.
Tina: girl why don’t you go and date Daniel?
Anita: i have a fiance miss.
Tina: then let me be.
Anita: take him back before its too late.
Tina: should i date both brothers then?
Anita: don’t even try it girl.
Tina: i heard they got a maid and Chris said that she’s cute,am afraid he is going to fall for the b—h
Anita: am afraid the girl’s gonna take Daniel away for good,the guy that deserves you.
Tina: whatever.
Anita: I’ve warned you,let me get going,am going out with edward today.
Tina: okay then,let me see you off.
Anita: thanks,


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