MY LIFE AS A SHY GUY … (18+) … Part 28


E veryone gave the guy
on stage a big round of applause
when he was done. he walked
back to sit on the seat he was
previously occupying.
The M.C went back on stage
with a book in his hand.
“that was a great speech” the
M.C said
“now the next student on the
list is Christian Owen”
My heart paused immediately I
heard my name. I slowly stood
up and walked to the stage. I
turned and face the crowd.
thousands of eyes were
staring at me. my heart was
Christian you can do this. I
assured myself. Christian be
focus. I said to myself. I stared
from one person to the other
in the auditorium. my eyes
suddenly caught Sylvia sitting
at the back seat. she was
staring deeply at me. she stood
up from her seat and walked
to the front. she located a seat
in a spot where I could get a
clearer view of her and sat
down. she fixed her gaze on
me but she wasn’t smiling. I
could get a clearer view of her
from where I was standing.
she was wearing a blue skirt
and a white top. her white top
had the words ‘you can do it’
inscribed on it.’ I needed no
one to tell me that she
purposely wore that top just to
encourage me. even when
she’s angry with me, she still
came to encourage me. I
couldn’t hide the smile on my
face. I was smiling broadly.
though, she didn’t smile, but
she never took her gaze off
me. Sylvia is truly one in a
million. sometimes, you
wouldn’t know how valuable
someone is to you, until you
have lost that person. Sylvia is
more than valuable to me. I
wouldn’t know what my life
would become if I lose
someone like Sylvia. it will be
very regrettable. I better set
things straight before it’s too
late. I will surely go to her
immediately after this event
and clear things up. the words
that were inscribed on her
dress boost my confidence.
‘thank you Sylvia for being
there for me’

I turned my gaze away from
her and faced the crowd with
I started by recognizing the
presence of the minister of
finance, the minister of
education, the vice chancellor
of the university, and every
other high profile individuals
in the auditorium. without
wasting any time, I went
straight to my reason of
standing there. I spoke
courageously. I didn’t miss a
single word I had memorized.
I didn’t paused for a second. I
delivered the speech with
Everyone in the auditorium
gave me a standing ovation
when I was done. I felt on top
of the world. the smile on my
face was visible. I needed no
one to tell me that I did a very
good job.
if I could stand in
front of a large crowd like this
and speak confidently, then
there is no where I couldn’t
stand to speak. if I could start
a conversation with the lady I
saw in the faculty of
engineering, and also maintain
a conversation with the lady I
saw at the garden of eden,
then there is no lady I can’t
speak to. if I could be in a
company of ladies like Sylvia,
Sharon, Kate, Joy, among other
and still interact freely with
them, then I think I’m no
longer that shy guy . there is
still one thing left for me to
do, and I will surely do it once
I leave this stage.
I turned my gaze to where
Sylvia was sitting and saw her
leaving the auditorium. so she
actually came here just for me.
even when she was angry with
me, she still came to support
me. I need to set things
straight right now or I might
never get another opportunity.
I left the stage and followed the
direction Sylvia took. I went
outside the auditorium but
couldn’t find Sylvia. I search
in all the corners outside the
auditorium but still couldn’t
find her. maybe she would
have gone home already. I
have to go to her place and set
things right. I have no reason
to remain in the auditorium. I
have already delivered my
speech so I’m free to go. I need
to be at Sylvia’s place right
now. I have this fear that I
might not have the
opportunity to set things
straight again if I waste
anymore time.
I quickly rushed to the bus
park. I took a bus that will
convey me directly to Sylvia’s
I got to her place and stood
beside her door. I prayed
silently that things should go
well. I knocked softly on the
door but didn’t get any
response. I knocked again and
waited patiently for her to
open the door. she opened the
door a minute later. she glared
at me when she realized I was
the one at the door. she
wanted to lock the door back
but I quickly held the handle
of the door and prevent her
from locking it. she tried to
forcefully remove my hand
from the door handle but
couldn’t. after several attempt,
she finally left the door opened
and walked into her room. I
entered her room and saw her
facing the wall. she was
backing me. I walked to her
and stood behind her.
“Sylvia I……..” I paused as I
couldn’t find the right word to
I held her right hand from
behind but she forcefully freed
her hand from my hold.
“don’t touch me” she barked.
I tried to hold her again but
she refused
“I’m warning you, don’t touch
me” she barked again.
I stood silently behind her, not
knowing what to do next. after
a while of silence, I finally
“Sylvia I…….”

“don’t call me” she cut in
I didn’t know what next to do.
I stood behind her without
saying a word. when she
wouldn’t turn to face me, I
decided to do it my way.
I quickly grabbed her hand,
turned her forcefully to face
me, drew her closer to myself
and planted a kiss on her lips.
she froze immediately I did
that. she stared at me open-
mouthed and couldn’t say a
word. I didn’t take my gaze off
her. we stared intensely at
each other. after a while of
silence, I finally spoke.
“I can’t hide it anymore. my
heart might just explode if I
continue keeping it to myself.
I have to let it out” I paused
and stared deeply at her.
“I love you Sylvia” I let it out
she stared at me with so much
emotion. her face suddenly
curved in a smile. she drew
closer to me and wrapped her
hands round my neck.
“I love you too Christian. I
love you so much” she
we stared silently at each
other. her hands were still
wrapped around my neck.
“I am…….” I wanted to speak
but she quickly planted a kiss
on my lips. we kissed
passionately. the kiss was so
intense that I lost control of
myself. I found my hands
moving towards her thigh. all
of a sudden, I raised the white
top she was putting on above
her abdomen region. she
didn’t stop me. she didn’t even
free me from her hold. she
wrapped her hand tightly
around my neck. her bosom
was resting on my chest. our
lips were still entangled. she
dragged me towards the
direction of her bed. all of a
sudden, I found myself lying
on her bed while she was lying on
my body. one thing led to the
other, but all other things that
transpired between us in her
room, should be left for the
imagination. I knew very well
that once I leave her place, I
would no longer be that shy
I won’t say that I have totally
overcame shyness, but one
thing I know for such is that, I
would no longer be that shy
guy who couldn’t speak in
crowd, who couldn’t talk to
ladies and who couldn’t do
things he wish to do. because
all that would be a thing of the
if someone as shy as Christian
could control his shy nature,
then there’s no one that can’t
control his. atleast to a level
that it won’t affect their social
life. don’t allow that negative
voice to always dictate how
you leave your life. don’t allow
that voice to affect your social
life. when you feel like doing
something, do it without
listening to that negative
voice. if you love a lady, tell
her how you feel. don’t be
scared of rejection. if you
couldn’t tell a lady you love
how you feel about her, you
will only regret it later. if you
love a lady and couldn’t tell
her how much you love her,
then you are selfish. do you
know what those words could
do to that lady’s life, if only
you can tell her. don’t limit
being an introvert does not
limit you from achieving your
dream. it is believed that
introverts are deep thinkers. if
only you can bring those
things you have in mind to
reality, the world would be
better than this. the world
needs you. the world needs to
hear from you. don’t just leave
those great things you have in
mind to remain in your mind,
just because you are scared of
failure. bring it to reality.
Everything you see in the
world today, was once in
someone’s mind. the cars,
plane, buildings and every
other things you see today,
was once an imagination of
people which they chose to
bring to reality. if those people
decided not to bring what they
have in mind to reality, then
this things wouldn’t have been
in existence.
don’t limit yourself. the world
needs to hear from you. don’t
allow that talent of yours to be
wasted because you think you
won’t succeed if you give it a
try. you won’t know how good
you are at something until you
give it a try. don’t allow your
shy nature to limit your
potential. you are born to be
great. be great!!!!
make sure you just don’t read
this story, work on yourself,
aim to be great and you will be


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6 Comments on “MY LIFE AS A SHY GUY … (18+) … Part 28”

  1. such a wonderful story
    it teachs alot
    even me in person
    kudos to the writer
    more knowledge to u
    keep it up
    more blessing on yr ways

  2. This story is surely talking about me and reading it lifted my spirit…i’m so perplexed right now but i will work towards it for my own good,thanks writer for this little word of advice it really made my day muah much love from this side… Thanks ones again

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