I woke up early nextday,,I quickly took my
bath then dashed out after eating get more harder as mid
term test is getting nearer..amara came
into my office at the break time and we
had 3rounds of hot bleeping before we
said last goodbyes and she left sadly..
I didn’t see sharon throughout the day
lesson..I evacuated the school compound
after the day lesson to see sharon waiting
for me under the orange tree..she
sluggishly walked up to me with a frowned
Me: what’s up..what’s wrong with you?
Sharon: I shouldn’t have trusted you..*she
said sadly as tears formed in her eyes*
Her response got me more than confused..
Me: what di…d you m..ean *i stammered*
Sharon: I was about knocking your door at
the break time when I heard moans and the
corper lady(amara) later walked out of your the rumour about you two dating
was true..
I was short of words as I stared at the girl
agape..I tried to talk but nothing came out
of my she caught me..”What’s
her problem sef” I nearly said…I finally
Me: *fake-smiling*not what you thinking
sharon..she came to seduce me but I was
able to resist her *i lied*
Her face lighten up when she heard
this..and the sad look gradually vanished
from her face..
Sharon: really? wonder she came out
with a sad face..I really don’t like the
lady,,there was a rumour she was having
secret affair with the physics teacher.. Val don dey knack the girl
akpako..choi..val the bad guy..
Sharon: I hate her from the beginning and I
don’t know why..maybe because she is too
cold or because she is trying to share you
with me..*smiling*
Me: *smiled* I’ll pretend I don’t hear the marcus guy not coming today??
Sharon: I do..n’t know but………….
“Voom”,,black mercedes benz 2014
suddenly packed beside us cutting her
short..the young guy alighted with his
american swagg and nollywood devil frown
clearly visible on his face..that was when I
realise I and sharon were holding hands
since..I quickly and stylishly removed my
hand..”Let’s go my love” he said
smiling..part of me was angry but I still
kept calm..
Sharon: I told you not to come pick me
again and as you can see am with
someone,,I have legs for christ sake..
Marcus: are you telling me to leave
because of this thing? *he barked pointing
at me*
I was burning in rage but still kept my
Sharon: oh please,as you can see.. he is a
human like you please just
leave..*she fired back leaving surprises on
my face*
I can see how surprised he was as he
stood staring in disblief..His car back
doors suddenly opened and two huge guy
just like brock lesnar in suite alighted..I
was so scared that I nearly jumped out of
my skin staring at the beasts before
me..chaii..”Did you need our help sir” one
of them said grinning devilishly…
Marcus: no leave her,,I can’t force her
*referring to the guy*..have it in mind you
are still mine sharon *said with a smile
referring to sharon who stared angrily*
“Let’s go guys” he said referring to the
lesnar’s brothers and he entered the car
not after shooting me a murderous look
then drove off..”Am s..orry” sharon
stammered facing down..”Its nothing” I
replied..we said nothing to each other till
we both departed..
I jumped on my bed on getting home and
the previous event kept replaying on my
head..”What is even the marcus guy
problem” I cursed angrily biting my lower
lip..I was still roaming about in jungle of
thought when my phone began ringing..the
caller was oluchi..oh oluchi..
Me: hi..
Oluchi: hi handsome..I just want to let you
know I’ll be coming to your place
Me: thursday?
Oluchi: I won’t be chanced to come on
friday..coz I’ll be going back to school..and
you know I’ll buy things..
Me: oh,see you tomorrow then..*about
hanging up*
Oluchi: hmmm..what will you buy for your
What?..”Water,,garri and groundnut,fool” I
almost said…
Me: don’t worry,,we will talk
tomorrow..*for my mind-“like I be your

“Oh ,,she said her dad is dead” I quickly
corrected myself in my mind..
Oluchi: okay thank you sweetheart,,bye
*hang up*
I was sitting on my neatly spread perfumed
bed the nextday playing games on my
phone thanks to the public holiday,,I was
still engrossed in the game I was playing
when soft knocks landed on my door..I
knew instantly it was oluchi..I checked my
time to see 11:56am..I dashed to my door
then opened it to see oluchi standing with
a smile,,I was busy staring at her biggest
bum in the tight blue jean she was
Oluchi: *smiling*will you stop staring mr
man and let me enter..*licking her lip*
Me: oh,,*i scratched my head and ushered
her in*
I quickly hugged oluchi who was backing
me immediately I closed the door kissing
her ear lobe down to her neck while she let
out soft moans turning me on..I should say
turning me on on on..coz I was already
turned “on on”..I felt my rod wrestling my
boxers underneath and I fear the thing
might break..
My left hand found it way to her boobs
caressing them gently while she was
rubbing my already turned rock was
like it was made of metal/steel as it was
about tearing my boxers,,while the poor
thing was screaming for help..
She was now left with only bra while my
knicker and singlet were nowhere to be
found leaving me with only boxers..we
later landed on the bed and was still
romancing with my hand zipping down her
jean..the door suddenly pushed
opened..”What” the person screamed..
I only wished floor swallowed me as I
stared at cynthia who was burning in rage
standing at the door while oluchi was also
shivering in fear…chaii,,ah don die!!..


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