A Year Later.
I was happy when I was called for interview
at kings international schools a year ago..
but it doesn’t turned out well..unfortunate
for me..I wasn’t qualifications
were out of standard..I wasn’t that serious
in my polytechnic days..I had no choice
than to goto the village school I was
employed to with the help of a family
My trip to enugu wasn’t that long and was
very boring except for one drunk decayed
teethed hausa man that was making fuss
with a pretty lady..”Walai my thing biggi o,,
if I cas u madam I go pieces you like
trailer” the hausa man said murdering
english..”Go and pieces your mother” the
lady fired back which made everybody
bursted to laughter..I hopped on a bike
with my heavy luggage to the self
contained house I have already secured the
other time I came to the village..
Its very true village girls were more
beautiful than city girls..chaii..their back
na gobe,,their front na wahala..
I later made my way inside my paintless medium plasma hung on the wall
and the home theatres were properly
arranged..the room was paintless as I have
described but was well cemented contaning
bathroom and a kitchen..
I dashed outside with the bucket I pulled
out from the bathroom..I fetched enough
water from the tap few steps away from
the house..I relaxed on my medium bed
after freshen up..I was thinking how my life
will be in the foriegn village when my
samsung s5 began ringing..the caller was
my mum..
Me: hi mum..
Mum: my are you doing?
Me: am fine mum..
Mum: I have been trying your number but
was not available..
Me: network here is bad..
She began all this mummy’s advices
though she kept repeating “becareful of
those village girls”..ofcourse they are very

My alarm woke me as I laid on my bed far
asleep “na me go break you last last”I
cursed in my mind..its morning already..I
didn’t even have a good sleep..those
mosquitoes nearly killed me..choi..
I later claded in a white gucci top and a
blue jean on a normal sneakers..I checked
my handsome 22yrs old face in my small
mirror,,my pink lips I could pass for
jidenna’s showed vividly,,I smiled to the
mirror to see my dimple revealing itself(you
think am lieing?,check my pic na) though
my body was like that of wizkhalifa..
I later got to the school(a government
school to be precise) after 12minutes of
trekking..ofcourse the seniors were using
their power on those pitiful juniors..they
pick dirts,cuts uncuttables.they all started
staring at me as I applied enough swaggz
heading to the principal’s office..the school
compound was really big and very neat..
“Kpo kpo” I knocked..”Come in” a gruffed
igbo accent voice sounded from the
office..I entered to see the big belly baird
headed man arranging some files..he stood
and we shook hands..”Welcome sir” he
intoned which left some suprises look on
my face..
Ontop that my very low gp..see how this
man still dey respect me..I wonder what his
own gp will be..that was even if he
completed his school..coz the big big
grammar he was dropping nearly killed me
accompanied with his foul mouth
odour..we chatted for few minutes and he
later showed me my office..
I sat on the chair in my neatly swept and
arranged office dawn with different
thoughts..soft knocks later landed on my
door waking me up..”Come in” I said
pretending to be reading….


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