Nonsense people she said out loud. well with
what happened later, they’re definitely not a
nonsense phcn. I take it back.
I turned off everything, it was a bit dark but
so i
opened my curtains. We talked about the
movie and if
they actually had real S£x, will they also say
cut, action and the scream was fake…..and so
on. Our chat digressed to personal Sekxual
experiences, who was our first, who was our
best, our craziest spontaneous S£x, and so
on. she was enjoying it and so was i.
I do not know what it is with cold weathers
and S£x because with that discussion going
on, i knew that i definitely had to f*ck her.
So i changed the topic and boldly asked her
she would slap me if i kissed her. She looked
at me and smiled, then replied
“maybe…you have cute lips but hmmmm”. I
got up and went to her, sat down beside her
and hesitated a little when she looked me
straight in the eye. I decided that if she did
slap me and fell my hand, e no go be the first
time. So i kissed her and the way she kissed
me back settled my doubts. She was waiting
for it, I pulled her towel down a bit and
fondled her breasts. fling it out of the trap
called bra, She kissed me some more. I took
my hand all the
way down but she stopped me when i got to
her belly and held my hand steady. I moved
my head from her
lips to her breasts and she sighed softly as i
took a Tip in between my teeth and nibbled
softly. she took a deep breath. Then i sU-
Cked it like a breastfeeding baby, she put her
hands around me and unintentionally freed
my imprisoned hand.
I immediately moved the hand further down
and shifted her pant to one side, then
manipulated her wet pusshy and caressed
her cl!t.
She closed her legs and imprisoned the hand
there…well it’s safer there shaa. I dug two
fingers in and manipulated her a little but she
suddenly pushed me away. Surprised,
but undeterred, i came at her again and
fondled her breasts with a little force and sU-
Cked it fiercely. It seemed to weaken her
early resolve and she welcomed the act,
rewarding it by totally removing her towel.
Now she’s stark Unclad.
I took off my shirt, shorts and boxers. She
grabbed my J0yst!ck in her hand and the
sound “ooww” escaped her lips softly. she
was about to have it big.

I made a move to slide it inside her pusshy
but she redirected it, bent her head and sU-
Cked my d1ck. She didn’t just sU-Ck my
d1ck, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing
the cap round, then put a spit shine on it and
gave my shaft a handjob while the cap
belonged in
her mouth. She had such experience, she had
perfected the art. i wanted to explode as I
lost count of time. I came to myself a bit and
pulled her off,
sat her down and made to insert my d1ck in
pusshy but she refused saying “you’re
f*cking my sister. you can’t f*ck me too”.
which kind game she dey play. i almost cried
when she said it. she looked serious and i
was starting to feel embarrassed.
but I couldn’t stop now, so i tried talking
some sense
into her but she refused. she Suggested we
have an MouthAction. I’ve had enough,
pushed her back on the couch and held her
hand while the other immediately assisted the
J0yst!ck inside her Kitty-Cat. It happened so
fast that i couldn’t believe how i could move
pant aside and my d1ck sensed the entrance
of her
hole without seeking. I slid in nicely, let my
d1ck go in
the full length. She still tried resisting me but
i started
slamming away. With each thrust, her will to
resist faded away. It seemed like i was
pounding it out of her…..which i think i was.
I f*cked her and after a while, her hands were
now caressing my back while her legs locked
on mine.
She moved her waist upwards to enable my
thrusts go in deeper. I started a marathon
f*ck on her, non stop, no pause, just pound
in an unstoppable rythmn. Soon, i felt my
whole body feeling lighter as the sweet s
£nsat!on of expulsion travels up to my brain.
I thrust deeper and she grabbed me tighter
and muffled her scream by putting her mouth
on my shoulder. She
bit me a little (still bear a disappering mark
of it),
then with my head exploding with pleasure, i
came inside her. I lost my senses as i spilled
them inside her pusshy. We lay together on
the couch, holding each other, catching our
By now, the rain had slowed down to a
After a
while, she gently pushed me off her body and
said to me “don’t try that again”. I said okay
and put on my clothes while she put on the
towel round her body. We sat in silence and
after a while, she broke the silence “you
know what you did can be called Molest” i
looked at her with my mouth open wide, she
said again “but…your J0yst!ck feels nice
shaa. It’s soft’s…’s okay”. I
laughed and thanked her.
Complimented her that her pusshy was wet
and warm and gives a tingling s£nsat!on. It
made her smile and we looked at each other
in an unspoken understanding way and
chuckled. I went to my refrigerator, brought
out a chocolate flavoured vodka.
We drank it and after a while, her brother
came back and she left.


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