We woke up from a noise from the roof. it
was an aeroplane, it was kinda close. she
smiled at me and said good morning… she
was completely womanly spotless… with her
b0s0m fully ripe and a fresh skin… i wanted
to jump on her again but i controlled myself.
i answered her, morning… time to go home
Clara… take your bath let me check on Wale. i
picked my phone as she walked into the
bathroom. Wale didn’t pick his call after few
we had our baths and left. she wanted to
drive but i said no… she kept dragging the
wheel with me.. so i gave up and we
switched… we were making a turn into our
street when she mistakenly splashed mud on
2 girls going to church, i rushed down to
apologize to them, she didn’t come down
from the car, fear i guess. the girls kept on
screaming angrily and when Clara opened the
door, the other lady hit her with her bag,
before i could do anything clara had given
the girl the beaten of her life… soon the place
was crowded. it was settled by older men
around. i drove the car home in silence.. she
dropped and left without a word.
around 4pm in the evening, i heard my name,
it was clara. i was ironing so i opened the
door, Sisi was with her, both apologizing for
the scene she created. i told her Maybe if she
had not sit down in the car, it wont be as bad
as it was. Soon, she was smiling and i could
not help it but smile when she called me
Wicked again… Sisi took advantage of the
moment and offered to help me finish my
cloth. i gave her and Clara whispered into my
ear… your sister-in-law. if only she knew i
had f*cked every female in their house. but
Clara was different, i like her more, i could
not call it love but i like her around me…
Clara left and told Sisi to finish up and join
her. immediately she left Sisi started
throwing accusations.

Whats with the baby baby thing? why is she
calling you baby when she was apologizing. i
told her as friends that is how we talk. she
kept on like she knew what was going on.
soon she asked me if i was avoiding her. she
left the table and strolled towards me. i tried
to escape by moving towards the kitchen but
she blocked me and held on to my hand
she said… its ok if you dont want to see me.,
i said its not like that, and i have been busy.
before i could finish the next sentence she
grabbed my d1ck through my knicker and
missed my lips.. i tried to push her away but
she was determined, she kept rubbing my
d1ck till it was hard, but my mind was still
alert. Sisi stop all this.. she unbuckled my
belt and grabbed it. her soft hand sent a
quick vibration into my body. i missed her
and she pushed me to the chair. a strange
Whats that? she answered. what is what?
Jeeeeesssuuus christ. Sisi did you leave the
iron on? you burnt my cloth. she stood up, i
went to the table and saw it. yes the iron was
on and my cloth has a big hole with the
shape of the iron.
Sisi burnt my cloth because she wanted to
f*ck me.


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