she stood up and excused herself, i followed
her and she went outside and she started
shouting at me, how i brought her to
embarrass her, i left with strangers and went
to flirt with other girls… she went on and on
as i watched her spit fire. i felt bad and i
tried apologizing to her, have never seen her
angry, she said the guy i met with her was
offering her money for S£x, she is not a
LovePeddler. I begged her, she said ok and
we went back in, i gave two more bottles of
her drink, she has taken two before, making it
four, i was getting bored and i was hearing
noise and all the fun. i excused myself for
few minutes and i went to join them. i hope
she wont find out i left her again. Wale came
to me with a lady, handed her to me and left,
i told him i came with someone but he will
not listen, the lady immediately started giving
me hot and Sekxy dance, all her hands
around my body, she will turn and bend
down making her butt0ckz touch my d1ck,
rubbing it hard on it. hmmm i was not
comfortable, i told her i will be back, i need to
go back, to check on Clara. i turned and she
was standing behind me, she walked away
and i ran after her, she was moving fast. i
grabbed her left hand and the right landed on
my face.
wodefork… she slapped my face.. she burst
into tears and said if i knew i wont have her
time why did i bring her along. i was sorry
and angry at thesame time. i don’t want to
offend her more with my words so i left for
the bathroom to wash my face, as i washed
finish, looking at the mirror wondering what
came over her, i heard my name and i
opened to check, it was Clara. she was
looking tired and she was just saying am
sorry over and over again… i held her hand
and said its alright lets go home. she hugged
me and some thing lead to another, i cant
explain but we locked our lips together….
yea.. we kissed and it lasted for about 20
seconds. when we stopped she was shy to
look up at me, am i falling in love again or……
i turned her head up and kissed her again
this time it was a long wet kiss.
Well maybe i deserved the slap or not, i cant
say but i know she has a right and i violated
few rights by ignoring her, dont blame me,
the party was too good to sit and swallow

she kissed me with passion, she is not much
of a good Kisser, it was like she was trying to
swallow my mouth and i was trying to rescue
my tongue… i reached for her butt0ckz, as i
pressed it towards me.. both my hands were
working round her soft butt0ckz. We kissed
for long enough, she broke away from me
held my hands to the front and said, you are
a naughty boy… will u UnCloth me here if i
allow you. i said No, and a guy from one of
bathrooms screamed ” Yes ooo”, and we
both laughed hard, she led the way back to
the party and i followed. When we got back
to the party she took my drink away from me
and emptied it down her throat. it was hot
and she reached for another drink, i tried to
stop her bit she smiled and winked at me, so
i let her enjoy herself… around 4am Wale
came to the table, gave me a key and said
goodnight… i checked the key, just a key with
a tag “101”. seems lime this place has an
hotel rooms somewhere. i took my time to
study the movements, i noticed few people
walking in twos (males and females) always
flinging a particular glass open and close it.
few minutes later i picked up Clara… damn
she was drunk. she could hardly walk
herself. i helped her remove her high heel.
and we headed towards the glass door. i
opened the door and i saw a staircase. we
went up, and i located room 101… i dropped
her on the bed… i saw a flash of her pant,
white. i removed all my cloths leaving my
boxers on.
went to bathroom had a shower and when i
came back Clara was on the floor.
immediately i touched her she throw my
hand away and said why are you wicked, you
left me alone again. i just laughed as i
removed her gown and la!d her on the bed to


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