MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 98


On friday after work we had drove home and decided to go relax at Transcorp that evening as suggested by me. We drove to Transcorp around seven and went to pool side to have some good time. So many couples were around also and I ordered Andre and yoghurt which turned out to be a great combo. I footed the bill this time around not allowing her do that as she normally does. I mean I have some good amount of money in my account courtesy of my ‘sunshine’ as I fondly call her.
As we drank we kept looking around and talked about the different types of people that came to chill. So many old men and younger ladies, (all this Abuja Dandies wey thunder go fire).
My madam made a joke of how she can’t cope with such old men who she believes can not satisfy her in bed and also that the have so many thinks on their head.
“I wonder how all this young girls feel comfortable with them, when I was young I followed young men and never an old man, well the world is fast changing” she concluded and I nodded in agreement.
“And those couple over there what do you say about them” I said pointing to a matured woman and a young boy kissing under the shade of a tree not far away from the pool side.
My madam turned and a smile swept through her face.
“That’s Michelle!” she exclaimed, she knew the woman and she turned back to me and continued
“Yeah! That’s how it should be, a woman like her needs a young man because her husband is always travelling out of the country and the man is old to make her body quiver” she said mimicking shivering and we both burst into laugter.
“Lemme call Michelle and let play a little prank on her” she said picking up her phone while I watched in anticipation And she held her phone to her ear while I looked intermittently at her and the woman she was called.
The lady had broken the kiss and was laughing when she stopped to pick her phone. I was so loving that moment.
“Hello girl, howdy” my madam asked and she spoke something I never heard and I was giving her sign to put it on loud speaker so I can hear but she seem not to understand and gave me a ‘wait’ sign with her right hand as she continued
“Uhmmm, this one your voice sounds so excited where are you?” she asked and paused to listen and she tried to hold herself from laughing as she put the phone on loud speaker so I could hear.
“Yeah you said you are where?”
“Am at transcorp chilling with my baby”
“Uhmmm, Michelle baby!”
“So which of them?”
“Uhmmm…” she refused to say and my madam cuts in and said
“Ok don’t worry, just make sure you have some good time”
“O yeah babes, how’s your lover?” she asked
“Just here with me”
“Uhmmmm, doing what?”
“Uhmmmm watching you!” she replied and burst out into laughters.
“Seriously, where are you?”
“Just turn”
I saw the lady turned and my madam waved her hands.
And she removed the phone from her ears and soon she and the young man was walking towards our table.
“Baby girl!” she screamed when she got to where we were and I shook hands with the guy that came with her, he was obviously older than me.
They sat side by side on the empty chairs around us. And the woman turned to me and smiled
“Hello handsome, how are you?”
“Fine” I replied her flashing a smile back at her.
“Wow, what brought the owl out of her hiding place?” she asked and my madam laughed, placed her arms on mine and said “He! My sweetheart”
“O no wonder!”

“Sweetheart you’ve done well!” Michelle said patting my cheek.
“So lemme introduce” she continued.
“Uhmmm, here is my baby boy, John, John this is my very good girlfriend and this is her sweetheart” she concluded pointing at me.
She is quiet an open lady but looks and acts really really flirtatious. She ordered more drinks and we had a really nice time together laughing and chatting away. We left the hotel by few minutes past ten driving to our different destinations. On our way home I started thinking about Michelle, her beautiful face and slim fresh body, her petite nature. Unlike me that doesn’t like petite ladies (Till now probably because am petite) I found her charming and was thinking lustfully about her.
I tried to dismiss the thought and assumed it was just the drink, I looked at my madam and she was rather a bit quiet, focused on her driving and I saw an epitome of what I love, Big women, with the right flesh at the right place, chocolaty polished skin and I felt my preek kick.
I touched her laps and she turned momentarily to look at me with that same stare, that very stare that says “I need you in me” and I wished she drived faster so we get home.
Immediately we got home and unlocked the door, we headed straight upstairs, My hands were already on her hips as she swinged them heavy flesh for me, we went past Ada’s room and took a turn to the left alley and she unlocked her (Our) room, my hands have slipped past her back to grab her b0s0ms as she unlocked the door and immediately she stepped in she spurned around and we started kissing dragging each other’s clothes roughly, I used my back leg and kicked the door and it
b@nged heavily closing behind us while she pulled my shirt over me and I did the same to her before long we were both Unclad from top, kissing and sU-Cking on each other as if that was the last time we had together.
To cut the long story short we ended up have a steaming quickie, a quickie because we both came way too fast and after that we went to take our bath and the next s*x was more of oral, she giving me a head for quiet sometime and joked about the size of my preek and how it manages to give such satisfaction. It was a playful s*x. I didn’t Pour but I was really Hot, it is only penetrative s*x that makes me Pour since we have been together, I gave her some good her and when she got really wet I penetrated her. We no longer use condoms as we’ve both discovered the goodness of skin to skin. I slept in her room that night and the next morning we had an early morning saturday s*x. Ate breakfast before I went down to my room.
The laundry lady came around and she asked me to bring my clothes too, what she’ve not asked me to do before. I thought maybe she felt I will be too exhausted to do any washing.
We later saw a movie together and it was getting to 5pm when someone opened the door and in came Ada.


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