MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 96


I woke up by the side of my madam fully clothed with the other women all gone, who dressed me? When did my madam come here?
I was so confused as I looked at her sleeping peacefully. I looked around and saw that the room is not familiar, it was neither my room nor hers! I thought I was dreaming but I guessed I was still dreaming so I touched her and felt her smooth skin, It felt so real and I shook her and she sluggishly opened her eyes.
“Honey you are already awake, common get more sleep it was a long night” She said sleepfully and closed back her eyes. I felt a slight headache as I allowed her to continue sleeping and climbed down from the bed.
I looked around and saw my phone on top of the bed side fridge of and picked it up.
The time was past 3pm and I was surprised if my phone watch was incorrect and decide to look out of the window when I realised the room have no window. I wondered how and why and I got flashes of the previous night.
When we were ushered into an underground auditorium, when we were led to another room, when we were undressed and when we started having s*x. I couldn’t connect the event that led to the having the other women unclad around me, but I got flashes of we all making love and the ache in my head increased so I gently went into the room’s bathroom and poured water on my head, dried my head and looked at the mirror., I was so frightened of the image that stared back at me.
I was looking so raged, with a swollen eyes and dropped jaws. I went back to the room and my madam was still deep asleep and I went under the sheet with her and had kept thinking till I slept off, dreaming about horrible things like having s*x with a woman and she turns to a dog before I knew it and as I screamed and pulled out running unclad, the dog started chasing me.
Before long I was in a pool swimming and a beautiful lady came out from beneath the waters and with smiles on my face I swam towards her and she swam towards me, both of us smiling and for some reasons I don’t know we started kissing and I felt her wrap herself around me under the water and it felt so cold and smooth, I knew it was not a leg but I was not bothered as we continued kissing, before I knew it she dragged me with her under the water with mouth still fused and I my preek felt turgid, she did what I don’t know and I was unclad as I felt the wave of water around my preek, immediately I felt it entering a warm cubicle and I started humping as I left her mouth and started sU-Cking on her b0s0m, I noticed we were floating inside the water and the s*x was feeling so awesome like what I have never felt before, soon sprout of Fluid shut straight into her from my preek but I still felt hard and continued phuvking.
From no where I noticed we were laying on the seashore both Unclad and I never noticed if the sun was shining but I felt so cool with her b0s0m staring boldly at me and she smiling amorously.
I started rubbing her body and when I got down I didn’t notice a leg but a fish tail, instead of screaming and getting scared I exclaimed
“Omg you are a marmaid!” and I rubbed her tail which felt so cold and slippery under my palms and when I went up towards her to kiss her I noticed it was an old woman and I freaked out screaming and picked up racing as she laughed at me scornful.
I woke up covered in sweat and panting seriously, I never knew when I shout Lord have mercy!l
I looked by my side and my madam was no where to be found but her clothes were heaped on the top of the bed so I knew she was bathing, but I was so scared to go in there so I called out and she answered me asking me to come and join her.
When I entered the batheroom she stopped and asked why I looked so scared.
I just murmured I had a bad dream.
“When are we going home?” I asked her and she replied “soon” she bathed me and was more caring, petting me and calling me “Baby” but I was body present, mind absent and occasionally she had to shake me back to reality saying it was just a dream but never asking me about the dream.

We left there around past seven and drove home, stopping by at drumstiks to get some meal before driving home.
At home I kept thinking about the whole event and something kept telling me all was not well, I am not the same being, Something have changed but I tried convincing myself it was just all my imagination. I was done changing in my room and was going through my phone when my phone rang, it was my madam she wanted to see me upstairs.
I went to her bed room and she asked me to come sit with her on the bed.
“Hope you enjoyed yourself at the club yesterday” she asked
“O yeah except for when I lost conciousness” I replied and she giggled.
“Seem you have a light head”
And I just smiled and shook my head
“I don’t think son wait was that drink mixed with stuffs?..I mean…I started having hallucinations and…and…and” I stuttered
“What were your hallucinations” she cut in looking so concerned.
“Erm… like erm… like I saw people having s*x around… I also saw both of us…” I said pointing at her and I “…being stippled n…a…k…e…d…” stressing the word to see her reaction but she ebbed me on by smiling calmy so I continued “Then we started having s*x in front of them all and…and…and…I don’t know how but I can’t remember we finishing, but I later saw your friends with me on the bed all Unclad and having s…” I stopped afraid.
“Having s*x?” she cut in with wide smile and I nodded and she started laughing.
“I knew it was just that drink!” I said to myself. “Foolish boy like me”
“Well they were not hallucinations, erm…you really love me right?”
“Y..e…s” I said dragging the word and wondering why the sudden question.
She paused took a deep breath and continued
“Well all that you think are hallucinations are all real, they really did happen, we really did had s*x and the one girls of the sisterhood also did had s*x with you just like I had s*x with all their lovers.” she paused and I was trying to process all she said.
“Did you just say sisterhood? I asked.
“Yes…that’s a sisterhood club, and that was our initation ceremony” she concluded.
I jerked up forward and she signalled me to calm down so she will explain further.
She held me by my shouldersn took a deep breath again and started narrating about the club.


After her narration I was as scared as hell and hated her as I stormed out of her room not listening to her plea. That was how I got initiated into something that changed my life drastically.


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