MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 94


“It is my utmost joy to be present at this party today after a very long time of being a member of the club, today my baby and I are here to enjoy the pleasures of earth with the most entertaining and fierce pleasure givers and seekers!” she concluded and a wide cheer erupted and my madam turned to me without warning and placed a kiss on my lips which I took unconsciously and we kissed deeply with our tongues languishing on each others and soon her hand was rubbing my preek through her my trousers. We finally stopped and walked back to our table and her friend exclaimed ” that was great girl!” the couples bowed out of the stage and the anchor came back and talked something about drinking wines and a cheer went up again and each young boy popped the wine on the table.
I choose Andre and a black label. As we drank a slow music enveloped the hall and some ladies climbed the stage, dressed in scanty wears and looking really volumptous and started dancing slowly to the rhythm of the music, they wriggled their waist so slowly and rubbed theirs booobs seductively, the dance got so Intimate that I felt hard, others kept their cool and continued drinking their wine and making small chatters. Soon one of the ladies dancing held the hem of her tube and pulled it down slowly till her large b0s0ms spilled out and were on display, claps went into the air, she rubbed them so tenderly as if it were eggs and pressed them, lift them at intervals to sU-Ck on a nip.Ple.
The other lady was already raising her mini skirt exposing more of her laps and slowly her kitty came to view, smoothly shaved and glistening.
The third lady was backing the audience and was baring her fat butt0ckzss.
They continued dancing slowly peeling off their clothes as the audience cheered on, the boys too! My madam too! Sometimes I caught her stealing a glance at me and smiling, I guess the expressions on my face was tickling her.
The ladies dancing stopped dancing when the completely peeled off all thier dress and stood Unclad.
And a wide cheer went on and as I turned I didn’t see the other boy on our table only my madams friend and her facial expressions were flushed like someone having s*x. I wondered why she was not cheering like the rest and I looked around to see another woman- dark in complexion not cheering but closing her eyes like she was having s*x.
My madam was so happy cheering and I leaned towards her and she bent her ears to me.

“Why is your friend angry” I said pointing to her friend, my madam looked at her giggled and and a smile swept across her friend’s lips. I looked confused and she winked at me then my madam pointed under the table and I was more confused then she burst out laughing before coming close to whisper “peep under the table” I bent and saw the boy busy giving his madam some serious head and I quickly withdraw my head and laughed! The effect of the wine was getting to me.
After the performance by the ladies the anchor came back and talked some bla bla bla and soon laps of chicken started flowing through the hall and before long everyone was eating I saw the boy appeared from under the table with his lips glistening with kitty juice. He kissed his madam and winked at me before proceeding to eat his own meat.
The meat was really well spiced and I enjoyed every bit of bite I was taking. More drinks started flowing and cuban cigas were placed on tables. The scent was aromatic, my madam took one and lighted it and offered me one and lighted it for me. The smoke was rich and smooth unlike the harsh smokes of cigarettes.
Soon the hall was filled with smoke as people smokes and drank.
Before long some couples were kissing and exchanging smokes, some were deeply kissing and most of the boys were missing, they were under the table giving head to their mistress.
My head was beginning to feel light.
I was beginning to love every single minute that passes. My madam’s friend’s boy have disapeared back under the table. I wanted to feel among so I dived under the table but my madam pulled me up.
“What are you trying to do?” she inquired.
“I want to give you a head” I answered her boldly- effect of the drink.
“No! You are my lover and not my sugar boy”
That was when I knew why the boys were doing all they were doing!
They were mere sugar boys and not lovers.
“Look over there” she pointed to a section of the room. “Those l girls are with thier lovers so they don’t do public display” She said and it dawned on me. Soon the atmosphere changed. m0an!ng was beginning to erupt.
I was beginning to feel ectactic, I knew it was not just the drink, this is a feeling from ecstasy drugs. The whole event in the room looked like a dream, women closing eyes, m0an!ng loud and stuffs, my madam and I was later ushered into another room that was smaller compared to the other room.


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