MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 93


Two weeks have past since I moved into Mrs Adeola’s BQ. My life at this point have been a bed of roses. She drives me to work and back home, meals were always there, we’ve gone shopping the last two weekends. I was living the life of the affluent. I never bothered travelling for any weekend as weekends promised the best adventure for my Lover and I. Though my things were at the BQ I was practically living with my madam, am either in her bedroom or she was in mine. We lived like couples had s*x like rabbits, she introduced me to her friends, women of society and class.
I was looking so polished and healthier. Life was generally good!
I had not heard from Ada anymore, she have not called me and I have not bothered to call her. I had put Sharon’s number on my blacklist after we had a little quarrel over me not having time for her. Miss Lisa must have noticed the new development and have stayed off the coast completely, we only greeted and pass I was so satisfied with myself and all I was getting, it was as if I was tied to just my boss because no other woman no matter how pretty catches my fancy.
On the third weekend we drove to park n’ shop where we normally shopped and we went to the men’s clothes section where she asked me to pick some real flashy party wears.
I already had lots of clothes but she insists that I get something crazier. She got herself a pair too and we shopped other little things and went home. That friday evening she told me to get dressed in the clothes I just, announcing that we were going somewhere, when I inquired where all she said was
“Surprise, surprise! ”
At past seven we were on the streets of Abuja driving towards Maitama district. I kept trying to cajole her into telling me where we were going at least a clue to no avail and I resigned to my fate as I await for the future to unravel the mysterious
The streets of Maitama at night was something else! Like in the movies! Everywhere sparkling and the roads so neat as ever. We finally pulled up in front of a mansion in an estate (Name withheld) in the district.
The gates were opened and we drove into an expanse compound and I saw flashy cars parked around as we alighted the car.
My madam slipped her hand into my arm and we walked into the building, ushered in by two young ladies and we descended a staircase that surely lead to an underground auditorium.
As we got to the bottom of the stairs we were ushered in by two semi unclad matured ladies that should be in their late thirties, the bowed at my madam and flashed me an Intimate smile. I started hearing sounds of slow music playing as we walked through an alley that was lighted with colours bulbs to an expanse room that was filled with people. I ran a quick glance over the length and breath of the room and I saw tables with four people seated .

Young men of my age and thick
matured ladies of my mother’s age.
I was a bit confused and lost as I was looking out for any matured men or young ladies but I saw none but my thought was distracted as I heard roars and cheers and I saw it was for us and the anchor said something like ” welcome our new couples!” and the cheer got higher as I and my madam walked to table at the far end of the room where the usher ushered us to. A young boy and a matured lady was already seated and my madam and I completed it to four. They both hugged and I shook hands with the young guy and hugged the other lady that my madam as we hugged she called my name “O Nneji!” and I was surprised how she knew my name and peered into her face and I saw it was my madam’s friend that lives in the next block, the fair beautiful lady that came to the house one evening when I was at my madam’s.
I have not seen her since then. She rubbed my cheeks and my madam hugged the young boy too I guess they know themselves before.
When we finally settled I leaned towards my madam and asked her “What party is this?”
She smiled and said “I know you are surprised, well just as I want, look around and tell me what you notice” I looked around and still noticed the same thing.
“No young ladies, no older men” I said
“Good! This is the Society Girls (Not real name) club, and this is the monthly party where everyone comes with their sugarboy” she said and it dawned on me. This is a cougars Party!
I was so overwhelmed! I have read of such in foreign books but never knew it really exist in a country like ours. The whole event was sophisticated, variety of expensive wines were placed on our tables by the ushers after some other couples arrived. The anchor of the show talked with poise and exude charisma.
She welcomed all to what she called the
“The 57th party of the Society girls, a place where girls of class and sophistication have fun! A place where many wishes to be, bla bla bla…” and cheers went on as the anchor ushered in a couple to come and anchor a part of the show. The couples took the stage and started kissing and smooching almost immediately while the audience claps and applaud before they matured lady broke the kiss and talked “Welcome beautiful people, my baby and I are here to welcome our new guest” and the young boy creeped to her back and said “O yessssss” and the matured lady continued
“Distinguished people help me welcome on board the newest couples of the month in the persons of…”
“Lady Ola and her boy!!!!” the young boy cuts in and my madam pulled me up. O! is that what she’s referred to? ‘Lady Ola?’.
Together we marched to the stage and the ladies made lots of noise blowing kisses up and down. I was feeling what those celebrities felt when the crowd goes crazy at that moment.
The cheers went wide and I noticed some flashing their b0s0ms. The microphone was handed to my madam and she started talking.


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