MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 86


As we both turned to see the intruder my heart almost stopped beating as I saw a man who looks really huge. He was visibily shaken!
I looked at my madam shakenly and I saw the shock in her eyes. Her hands slipped away from my shoulders as she stare at the man and tried to say something but her lips just remained parted and I saw her head drop. ‘who is this?’ I thought in my head and saw my madam stepped forward and managed to speak
“I can explain this…” she was saying but the man cut her short as he screamed with a earthquaking voice!
“Shut up your mouth!”
My madam feigned and I saw the fear all over her face. All her ego and charisma melted away. I smelled danger as I stood still looking confused.
” si this is why you have not been picking your calls?” he snarled pointing at me and I felt my feets suddenly too light to carry my entire being. He was fuming and my madam was just covering her face looking confused.
I wanted to ask who the man was but I thought against it but rather started thinking of how to leave that premises.
My madam knelt down and I became more afraid but the man didn’t bother to listen to her as she tried to talk. He hushed her up furiously and almost charged at her but held himself and my madam did something that shocked both the man and I. She stood up and flared up.
“Shut up! Stop screaming at me! Am not you wife!…” she continued talking but I was no longer thinking. That last sentence took me away. If she is not his wife who then is he?
My brain got blanked and for some moment I was not concious of my physical environment.
A sound of a slap jerked me out of my reverie and saw Mrs Adeola holding her cheek with her head bent towards the floor. The man have surely slapped her and I couldn’t say what it was she said that provoked him to slapping a woman. At that instance I looked down on him, despite his size I lost every fear I had for him.
I don’t respect men that beat women, no matter the provocation. I was about to confront him when my madam raised up her head like a remote-controlled image and screamed at his with a voice I barely recognised as hers.
“Mr Williams leave my house!, I don’t want to have anything to do with you ever again!
I have found the love of my life and this is him!” as she pointed towards me. I flinched a bit but regained my composure and confidence as I caught the man’s fiery stare.
“Good!” he said and turn to leave but suddenly turned
“Never you come begging again!” he warned in a surprisingly low stern voice.
“I said leave you animal!” Mrs Adeola screamed but he was not done.
“And you young man watch your back!” He said directing the threat to me and stopped momentarily but I stood like a man and refused to show my fears and she stormed out of the room leaving the swing door banging to its frame.
Mrs Adeola turned and walked past me towards the staircase and I stood confused as I stared at her. Wondering either to follow her or to sit back and wait but I decided to choose the former as she suddenly broke down in tears just two stairs cases above. I rushed to her and held her while she continued crying. To say I wasn’t filled with sympathy and confusion at that moment will make me a big liar. I managed to drag her up as I led her to her room.

Inside the room she continued sobbing bitterly and I just kept quiet as I gently pulled her to my chest and run my hands through here hairs and the nape of her neck and allow her to cry out her sorrows. While she cried I kept wondering who the man was, I kept wandering what she relationship they had that made him fill with rage, I kept wondering how she walked him out and introduced me as her lover. I felt so confused but also happy as she proved she really loved me. I felt like crying too for my young age have been tangled in a web that most people quite older have never been tangled in. But I couldn’t cry! I guess am not good at that. Apart from that who will console me? Can a blind man tell another blind man the information on a billboard?
After about twenty minuets her sobbing ebbed away and she snuckled into my body the more and I gently pulled her down to lay on the bed while I pulled my singlet that have been soaked by her tears and cleaned her tears. She calmed down and only heaved momentarily. While I pet her like a baby. I couldn’t believe this is my boss who exudes so much authority and charisma that I am comforting like a baby.
I looked around the room and decided she need a warm bath so stood up to the bathroom to put on the heater and I came back to the room and joined her on the bed and continued patting her hairs. The silence in the room was too loud but for the sound of the dog’s footsteps that walked past the door. Been a while I saw that big dog! I have never asked about its where about either, but I learned on a later date that it was hired for cross breeding.
I went back to the bath room after about fifteen minutes when I was sure the water have been heated. I got the cover of the bathtub and and blocked the water passage hole as I put on the shower and allowed the heated water to from the heater empty into the tub! I also put on the shower to add cold water to the heated water so as to achieve a mild effect. As both tap pours iinto the bath I went back to the room and met my sunshine (At that moment I took her as my woman) and asked her to come and take a warm bath. She obliged as she sat up and I proceeded to pull her blouse over her neck. Her large lovely b0s0m came on display but I was more concerned about her well being to lust over the melons. I removed her knickers with her help and pulled down her lacy white
p@anties. Unclad as she was I took her to the bath tub and noticed that the water has filled the tub slightly above middle and I directed her to inside. The effect of the warm water must have reacted on her skin as she closed her eyes momentarily and heaved a heavy sigh.
“Just relax a bit and wash your body while I wait for you” I said to her
“Bath me” she said to me with a weak sultry voice and I got to work.


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