MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 85


I parted my lips to speak again but they just quiver while my eyes were soiled with tears that are about to pour down but she was not helping issues. She kept looking at me coldly and finally I let the tears flow down. It seem to have helped me as I spoke so fast.
“Am sorry madam, I love you!” the words was so fast to have been restrained but I really meant it at that moment.
She saw the sincerity in my eyes and I noticed that the hate in her eyes have melted into pity but she still maintained her position and continued looking at me like she was encouraging me to speak on. I went ahead and narrated how foolish I have been for the second time, how I have learnt my lesson, how I have decided to move into her house and promised never to repeat it again.
Thinking about it now I feel shocked that I ever got that emotional because she was the only lady that have made me cry till date. She was like my mother and I betrayed her trust and took her for granted that’s why it pained me so much when she found out. I really respect older ladies! They rock! And I have never betrayed any of there trust since then even my current woman friend.
After much talking and plead for forgiveness she stood up and came to me, she stood for a while looking down at me and when our eyes met I saw a flicker of tears in her eyes that she was trying hard to restrain. She finally stretched forth her hand and pulled me up.
We stood with locked tears before she hugged me into her b0s0m.
“I forgive you” she said with a weak teary voice and I held her tightly “Thank you, I love you so much, thank you” I said as I tried not to cry again. She disengaged from the hug held me on the shoulders and stared into my eyes and I saw the tears have finally fell and have gone down to her cheeks.
“I love you too, even if I just wanted a fling, even if it seems wrong I…” and she broke down and burying her head on my shoulder while I rubbed her back to calm her down.
She have gotten more emotional than me so I have to be a man and control her even if I myself is feeling so emotional too. I dragged her to the sofa and we sat down with her still resting her head on my shoulder. We just held each other and listened to our breathing as we cherish the bliss of the moment. She is such a sweet woman, only love can make such a woman be with me and I know my love for her will surely make me cut down on my excesses.
We stayed in that position for over 20 mins till she suddenly spoke in a soft voice.

“Let’s go and have dinner”
I was amazed as I looked at her “Dinner?”
“It’s past 7pm” she replied and I knew time flies when you are with a person you love.
We went over the dining while she served the meal. It was a sumptuous meal of rice and banga soup with lots of Kpomo. Meal was relatively silent, probably we were both thinking of what happened few minutes ago.
Atleast that’s what I was thinking I don’t know about her.
After the meal we went back to the sofa and she changed channel to Fashion TV. We were both watching when she suddenly asked me in a very cool girly voice
“You’ll spend the night right?”
I just remembered the rice I brought that I have not warmed and shook my head in the negative. “My food will get spoiled”
“What food?” she requested and I remembered I have not mentioned to her that I travelled so I quickly told her “The one I cooked” and she let out a small laughter.
“Don’t worry about it, you’ll move in tomorrow so you don’t need to cook again”
she announced and I knew she have defeated so I smiled and turned to meet her stare.
Our lips were not far apart so I edged closer but she kept staring at me. I decided she don’t want any kiss for me so I stopped and kept staring at her then she edged forward after some minutes when the tension was in the air and our lips finally met, it caused a spark. O! No lips so full and thick like hers, memeries of past encounters flooded my brain as I sU-Cked on her soft rough tongue, with my teeth grasing against hers. We kept the kiss going and soon her hands found my buttons as she undid few and started rubbing my chest hairs. Our breathing got harder, my hands have gone under her blouse as I felt her turgid thumb size Tip! What else do I want? When she have it all? I pinched it a bit and she let out an ‘O!’ into my mouth and I knew she have missed what I have missed. She have undid all my buttons and her fingers traced downwards towards my southern hemisphere where my ‘fine preek’ (According to the ladies) is located.
“What is going on here!” someone screamed and we both stopped hysterically to see who the intruder was.


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