MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 84


As I continue this story of mine I wish to praise you all who have been with me so far, the likers, the readers, the critics and the ghosters!
I hail all. Please I noticed that most of my early updates have so much typographical errors.
When am done with this part I will take my time to modify each update! I also noticed some mix up in names please it’s been some years back and I tend to mix up names atimes so bear with me too! But finally sha let’s continue….
I arrived Abuja that afternoon around few minuets past 4pm. The compound looks quiet, it seems everyone went out. I was so happy as I lay on my mattress to cherish the silent moments which helped me to reflect on my life and how to approach my madam the next day.
I thought about how I lied to her that I was going to see my cousin’s son who had an accident just to leave her on the way to go and See Ada. I thought about how she got raged and finally forgave me when I told her the truth. Since then my love for her doubled as she really did display maturity.
I wonder the devil that made me lie to her again just to go and still see Ada her daughter, I just wanted to have a last romp with Ada before I move in to their house but little did I know I was endangering myself as I narrowly escaped accident. I felt so sad and bad when she called me and broke down in tears. When she told me how I have deceived her again.
I was really pained and regretted my action but I was still surprised how she got to know!
Till date that remained a mystery to me.
Enough thinking and regretted done. I then decided to devise a means to make amends and have a third chance cos obviously I have ruined my second chance.
She is no more picking my calls, not replying my messages and I wondered if she will snub me at work tomorrow. The Ada that I was taking risk to go and see did not bother to ask me what happened and I hated her and believed what her mum-my madam told me about her being a spoilt brat. I decided not to have anything to do with Ada again but did I keep to that?

I finally braced up and decided to go to my madam’s house and face the worst. Afterall am a man, the least she can do is chase me away. Though it will be painful, but a trial will not be bad. I made up my mind, rehearsed nothing as I knew not what to even tell her when I get there.
I dressed up, and hit the road. On my way I saw That fair babe the Mallam told me is an igbo girl that lives around. She looks pretty and greeted me. I was tempted to stop her and talk to her but I just beamed her my charming smile and continued walking, I have a deal to meet up with no woman can distract me. I boarded a bike from Kuchiko Junction and zoomed off to Bwari market where I got a cab to Kubwa…
As I stepped into the compound after the gate man who have known me me welcomed me I lost my feet. I started shaking and fidgeting and I almost turned to go back but heeey! I am here and I must achieve what I came to do I said to myself as I stepped into the living room.
Immediately I saw my madam watching television looking so peaceful and lovly.
She was on a white short and a loose blouse.
I stopped and greeted ‘Goodevening ma’ to get her attention and she turned with a smile only to put on a big frown when she realised it was me.
“What are you doing here?’ she said with a chilling piercing voice and I knelt down immediately but couldn’t speak while she continued looking at me with hatred in her eyes!
TBC gat to run!!!! See you guys Job calls!
Always remember you can holla me whenever you feel confused and yeah! Am an artist! I make beautiful things so always holla when you need Award Plaques, Frames, Customised stuffs and Portraits.


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