MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 83


As I arrived Kaduna before 10am. I met my mum at home who was really surprised but happy to see me. She inquired if there was anything wrong, I just told her that I needed to eat her foood once again and she smiled and asked me if I have eaten that morning and I replied in the negative and she asked I go and make some tea as there is still a loaf of bread remaining in her room.
My mum later left the house before 12 and I was left alone, prior to this I knew she will be leaving the house so I had call Sharon to tell her am around and she never believed me.
But I sounded serious that I just arrived.
She came almost immediately my mum left and we had the whole house to ourselves. We hugged and she beamed with smile as she saw me. She made a face and asked me why I didn’t tell her I was on my way and I told her that was the idea, I just want to surprise her, normally I don’t come back home on weekends except on rare occasions, but I told her I came back to be with her since I was not feeling so well since I have not set my eyes on her for almost a week and she blushed believing me. Girls sha! They can love flattering so much. I asked to make Tea for her but she declined saying she ate just minutes ago and soon we started talking about stuffs that have taken place over the week. One thing with Sharon is that she’s a real good company and she talks a lot, so we talked. Laughed and gisted for long till I suddenly suggest to her that we play Truth and dare.
She was really happy to accept it and the game began. We played all sorts of dare as she kept asking me to choose trth a bit and not always dare. When I finally choose truth what she asked me got me lying rather than saying the truth and I knew I had broken the rules of the game but that was just to save me and her that truth would have caused.
“When last did you have s*x?” she had asked.
“Yesterday night!” My heart screamed but I knew I couldn’t tell her that. I closed my eyes and looked away as if I was trying to recall.
(Now here is a trick for you all, Whenever you ask a person something and the person answers you without breaking eye contacts that being is lying to you, but when the person looks away for some moment it gives that person the chance to recall and the truth will he/she tell you…it’s simple psychology…
Though their are exceptions to this)
“It’s been like six months now, that was in my second year with a girl I was dating” I lied looking at her in the eyes
“Uhmmm, bad boy!” she exclaimed and we both giggled. One dare led to another and soon we were practicality engage in some mouth battle. She really is a good kisser but and our tongues searched each others mouth frantically.
I grabbed her b0s0m and gave it a nice sq££ze and I felt her Tips as they enlarged and become stiff. I kept rubbing through the shirt while she pulled my shirt from me.
I did same to her shirt to expose her lacy bra! (I love lacy bras a lot and she seem to know) I unhooked the bra and a fine set of twin soft hils came to view as I savoured with my eyes first (it is written and I quote ‘the eyes eats before the mouth’) I couldn’t believe this is Sharon’s b0s0m right before me! So fair and plump with and engorged tip that rises up with pride due to the amount of blood that have been concentrated on the tip due to the S#xual simulation. She stopped biting my ears and watched me watching her.
“Will you sU-Ck or stare forever?” she said in a soft sultry naughty voice that made my preek to nod faster. I licked the sweet turgid tip and got the familiar rough texture, that is smooth and rough at the same time. Among all tips I have ever sU-Cked Mrs Adeola’s have the roughest texture that makes me enjoy sU-Cking hers the most. As I sU-Cked on her tips she let out a small m0an and that got my preek to run into rage as I used my thumb and index finger to knead the second tip. This is heaven on earth I screamed in my head as I used my lips to drag her turgid tip before leaving it as a slim saliva formed a bridge between her tip and my lips. I transferred to the second tip to give it its own treat.
She have found her way to my boxers and was already familiarising herself with my preek.
When I finally left her tips she did something that shocked me. She just disengaged herself from me and dragged down my trousers after fitting her fingers into the hem of my boxers.
She pulled both down to expose my private parts and I saw a smile sweep over her lips as she held my nodding preek in her hand admiring it.
“Really finer than what I see on movies” she complemented as I hopes she put it into her mouth but rather she kept rubbing her palms around it moving around the grith and taking it from the root to the shaft and end it at the head. She grabbed my balls sq££zed them as I run my hands through her hairs, (Ehen! For the ladies, nothing gives a man more joy than running his hand through a woman’s natural hair, that way you don’t fear you are going to spoil her hairstyle and the soft texture that natural hair have adds to a man’s S#xual pleasures when she strokes it) my preek was practically shaking furiously as she watched it nod with amusement, while I kept hoping she just open her mouth and take the damn thing!
Just when I have given up that am only getting a hand job from her, I felt my preek in a wet and warm environment and I looked down to see her harbouring my preek in her mouth.
Just a 6″ so it was not hard to take all in her mouth as she did what no girl have ever done except my madam! (Yes! Till date Mrs Adeola still remains my number one head jobber) she held the preek in her mouth and allow it to familiarise it’s environment and when she was sure she have achieved that she blew it, sending waves of pure pleasure through my veins and gently sU-Ck it out as she started pumping me with her mouth, I noticed she is still learning how to pump because her movement were not steady but whenever all the whole lenght was in her mouth she usually blew me. She did this till I warned her I was about to Pour and she removed it from my mouth using her hand to hand to pump the lenght faster till I spilled it across the room.
I think that was the farthest Pour shot I ever experienced.
I regained myself when she came on top of me and I felt her sweet scent and we resumed kissing while I gave her her own treat. I did all the bedmatics tricks I knew on her body till I got to her southern region where she never allowed me to finger her saying she was a vigin. I was shaken as I realised that what she told me the last time was a true. I thought she was lying few minuets ago when she blew me. So how do she get all the skills she used on me?
That’s a question she will answer after I make her orgasm.
I left her glory holes and focused on her labia majora and het nut. Smooth and fresh cu.nt lips she have as my tongue savoured them. Giving her shivers at intervals and finally when I gave her cl!t a gentle long lick I felt her entire body shudder and I got to work as I followed the anti clock motion which my madam always like on her with my tongue doing wonders.

I know most of you have problem sticking out your tongue for long when giving a head, and atimes when you manage to do it it gets dry.
That is why you have to master a good position to stay while giving a head to a lady. First you have to master the art of sticking out your tongue for atleast thirty minuets without getting tired. This comes with practice. Do this daily.
1.stick out your tongue for ten minutes thrice daily.
2. Try to control the under of your tongue against your teeth so that to avoid tongue sores. The forst three days must come with a sore but as time goes on you’lls devise a means to over come this.
3. After three days extend it to fifteen minutes. If you can survive ten minuetes then you can do fifteen minuets without stress.
4. You will notice a dryness on the tip of your tongue after fifteen minuets, don’t worry!
That’s just a feeling due to the new environment the tongue finds itself.
The tongue is designed to be always wet.
So invariably what you are feeling is not what is actually happening. Doubt me? Touch your tongue with the back of your palm when you have this dry feeling and you’d notice that it will leave a slim wet saliva on that’s surface.
5. Good positioning. With the mastery of sticking out the tongue for fifteen minutes you have to master good positioning that will regulate the amount of saliva that drips out of your mouth as your tongue sticks out. There are various positions which I have in my book.
THE ART OF S#xual HEALING (A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR AFRICAN MEN). This book is not yet on sale due to high rate of piracy but my marketer is devising a means to do help curb that. So soon as this story advances I will unveil the book when it is ready for sales.
So back to the exploration of Sharon’s body.
I continued lapping away as I started getting a taste of her kitthy juice that was beginning to flow out very well. My hands were busy giving her laps feathery touches. (Hope you all know that a ladies laps is one of the most sensitive areas too especially during Reproduction, Lady I lie?) my other hand was practically rubbing her perineum(check your dictionary if you don’t know what that means! I cannor comman be teaching you everytin) the pleasures from the three parts combined was surely too much for her and will be much for any lady! So heeey!!! I was not surprised when she shuddered continuously and let out suppressed m0ans and proceeded to coil her legs around mt neck. I never stopped till she weakly pushed my head and passed out.
That was the most memorable day I had with sharon. She later confessed she never knew she can do all she did and she never knew I can make her feel that way as I was the only guy she have been so intimate with to that extent.
The first guy she ever had tried to violate her. According to her he was too rough and was rushing things. I gave her a knowing smile.
If only she knows what I have been through from My madam. She won’t be amused for I can be the most gentle guy on bed. When I inquired from her about her skills she laughed ad said “Movies” as she agreed she do have some hidden collection of classical porns in her box which she watches on her laptop with her friends.
After she left I slept off! Dreaming of nothing in particular, forgetting about all my sorrows till I was woken up by my sister who just returned from a Saturday lesson. It was past 2pm. After welcoming me and apologising for waking me we chatted a bit and she told me that Jessica have been asking after me. You all remember Jessica? The plump babe I met last weekend on my way to Katiangar that later showed up at our thanksgiving reception. Good! That’s she!
I smiled as I remembered I have not thought about her. My sister gave me a sly smirk and left the room as I smiled.
‘Jessica we got a date’ I said in my head smiled and went to bath. As I was bathing I remembered last night with T.J’s babe and fear gripped me again as I quickly rushed with my bathing, went to the room and changed as I headed to the church clinic. St Peter to run an HIV test. Though sceptical at first I decided to go for it and when I got there I saw myself doing sign of the cross as I stepped into the clinic.
To cut long story short. The result was positive but I was diagnosed with gonorrhoea after I was asked to give a urine sample. I was alarmed till I was told it’s still early, as I contracted it from the last unsafe s*x I had and at that moment I cursed T.J’s babe but I was glad it was just Clap and not HIV which I dreaded. I was given some antibiotic medications and was told that in two days time it will disappear. On my way home I felt happy and was thanking God.
I left for Abuja not until I met Jessica at Brochino guest inn. The same place I took Sharon to.(buys sha) I used same strategy on her. She was more spoilt and forward and it was not hard initiating a kiss and soon we were handling and smooching hard at a dark corner. When the tension was too much, we were filled with S#xual lust and s*x was the only thing that can cure the pressure. I excused her and went to the bar man and asked him if they do have any free room and he said they charge 500 naira for short service. I paid him and he gave me a key as he pointed a room towards the far ends of the inn compound.
I collected a pack of Condom from him with as I added a little token to him.
I went over the table and met Jessica still waiting for me patiently. I planted my lips on hers and she received it warmly as we engaged in a small kiss. I broke the kiss and whisper to her.
“Let’s go over there?”
She didn’t ask, she just followed as I dragged her hands. Inside the room we dancing ‘Egwu Ukwu’ -‘Kerewa’ she was indeed a bad girl. Her plump body did wonders to my slim body and my slim body made her plump body shudder and I abade her goodnight whispering to her that I can’t wait to be in her arms again.
The next sunday we went to church and back, after lunch I left for Abuja. Feeling happy, the coming back was really enjoyable! My preek have registered two babes, even though one is yet to be fully Registered. But I knew I was in love with Sharon, for Jessica? She will be my s*x mate till I leave for school.
I remembered my madam and the heartbreak I caused her and I knew I have to go and apologise frantically to her. I can’t just loose her! No! Not when We have been dating for just two months! Did I just say dating? Funny! But yes! I just did! I feel something for her. As the car sped off I smiled at the irony of all things.
I actually came back to have a sober reflection of my life but I ended up doing more of what I wanted to run away from. At that moment I just accepted my fate that s*x is part of recreational activities, romp with whoever when the opportunity shows!!! But then I heard a voice in my head scream “All this shall lead you into trouble someday” and I kept battling within me!


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