MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 82


She kept staring at me lost like “so you don’t remember?” I angrily stop staring at her and picked my clothe from the floor and pull over my body.
“Please put on your clothe and go back to your room, before he comes back”
“Why do you care if he comes back? Don’t he cheat on me too?” she replied with a sad expression but I ignored her and still stood looking at her and hurrying her up without mincing a word.
“You were awesome last night! I wish I could have more of you” she said sultry when she saw the rage in my eyes maybe to calm me or stuff like that but I got more raged.
“Please, I was drunk last night, everything that happened was a mistake and please I don’t want to have anything to do with you again just leave me alone!” I said almost screaming and sounding so emotional as I finished the last word.
I took my brush and went to brush my mouth.
Everywhere was still dark and the pounding in my head have not increased. As I brushed I tried to recall the event of the night. I thought I slept off? I thought all that happened was in a dream, I thought it was cigarette she gave me to smoke! I felt used by T.J’s babe. She must have taken advantage of my drunkenness.
I shook with fear as I remembered I saw no condoms on the floor, that neans I went in raw?
No! I refuse to beli lemme go and check around again. I rinsed my mouth as I went back to my room.
I met T.J’s babe now fully dressed still sitting on the bed.
“You are still here? Please go now? Do you want him to kill me?” I never knew when the last phrase ‘kill me dropped’ but I was glad she didn’t get the hint since she replied immediately “he can’t do you anything”

I just looked away from her and started searching for any used condom but alas! I saw just stubs of rizzler on the floor. My world became momentarily blank and I felt very dizzy. How dare me have raw s*x with this LovePeddler! O yes she is a LovePeddler because only a LovePeddler will be screaming without no shame when having s*x in a public compound, only a LovePeddler will make a young man like me get drunk and have s*x with him.
I started parking my clothes as she left the room after looking at me confused. I zipped up my bag and went to take a cold bath. The effect of the water helped to calm the pounding but my mind was still haywire. I need to go home!!
I need to go for a test! I need solace! Am just 21! This is too much for me.
I grabbed my bag, locked my door and headed outside the compound. It was still few minuets to 6am. I got a bike at the junction and zoomed off to bwari market where I got a cab to Dutse Alhaji. Soon I was on my was to zuba. Ithe road seem nearer as we arrived before 6;30am and I realised how traffic makes road seems longer.
I got a car to kaduna which took an hour to get filled and before 8am we were speeding towards Kaduna while I was lost deep in my thoughts. I thought of my madam, I thought about the accident I escaped on my way to seek pleasure, I thought about last night, I thought about my health status! I soon slept off as the car continued speeding along the sweetest road To travel by. Kaduna-Abuja Expressway…


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