MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 81


We chatted till God knows when and I noticed she was flirting with me despite the Alchohol I was still a bit concious of myself. I knew she was not ready to leave anything soon so I just stretched on the bed and slept off as my eyes was already turning.
When I was sleeping I dreamt where I was lying down and she lit up a cigarette which I perceived and turned to look at her to see her take the sick to her lips, sU-Cked in some smoke as the light from the cigarette blaised. She pouted her lips and left a small orifice through which she expelled the smoke and the flowed into the air dancing momentarily before disappearing into oblivion.
She repeated the same thing as I was with interest how she made smoking look like a delicious experience. She smiled at me handed me the stick but I declined she came closer, with having the stick dangling between her lips.
She sU-Cked in with much pressure as I visualised a whole lot of smoke filling her mouth. She bent and brought her lips upon mine and blew in the smoke as my lips parted.
I coughed and raised up my head and she laughed at me. I felt mocked and looked at her taking the stick from between her lips I sU-Cked in much air and opened my mouth to emit a thick cloud of white smoke.
She looked at me with amazement and brought another stick lighting it up while I continued reducing the lenght of the other cigarette.
She blew more smoke into my face and I did same and soon our visions were blurred with smokes as we were practically blowing into each other’s face. She dragged a long sip that drastically reduce the length of her stick to the filter and threw it on the a stainless plate by the bed side.
She bent to me and planted her lips on mine as she transferred the thick cloud of smoke into my mouth, I was ready as I sU-Cked it in and transferred the remaining back to her mouth and soon our lips were locked together in a deep kiss as I devour her soft warm chubby lips. We kissed for minutes unknown to me as I felt we were floating. Soon I saw her b0s0m staring at me. When she brought it out I don’t know but she directed my head to the large twin soft towers ans soon I was sU-Cking like a baby.

I wondered the feeling I was having, it was too surreal as I continued to swim in her bodily pleasure. I later noticed I was without clothes and her hands were rubbing my chest, her other hand giving me a hand job while I felt like I was dying but this dying process is so awesome and am ready to die!
When it happened I don’t know but I realised I was being humped as I felt a very tingling slippery movement along my shaft as I saw her b0s0m bouncing. I made to raise my hands to grab them but I felt so weak to do that and I felt her hand helping me and I held onto the her melons, they felt so soft as I pressed erratically. she humped me for quiet a long time or so it seemed but I knew it was an out of this world feeling. I later felt I was strangled as I felt a strong deep rushing from my preek and I finally passed out and everywhere became blank.
When I woke up the next morning I felt a pang of headache. I raised up my head and turned as was stunned by what I saw. T.J’s babe was lying Unclad by my side. I was with just my boxers also and I saw stubs of weed all over the floor as reflected by the electric bulb.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, I felt I was still dreaming but When I stood up from the bed and stepped on the floor, I looked at the wall clock and saw it was past 5 a.m I knew it was real and not a dream.
The pounding in my head increased and I felt very dizzy and hungry. I looked at the mattress again and saw T.J’s babe fully Unclad to the waist and her b0s0m just slide to one side and I wondered what happened, when she came in and if we did have anything. I rushed shook her violently and she woke up smiling at me as she threw her hands on my neck but I quickly removed it as I demanded how she came it and why she was Unclad but instead of answering me she gave me a lost look.


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