MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 80


I opened the door for her again and I looked at her with hatred. “Bobo open this door for me now wetyn dey bite you sef” she said as I unbolted the door and in she came clutching a bottle of mac dowels. What the Bleep!!!
Alchohol! Been a while but I was taken aback when I saw she was putting on the skimpiest bum shot and was acting a bit tipsy. I bolted back my door and she was already on my mattress before I myself. “E be like say you no well” she asked looking at me and I just nodded as I went to sit away from her.
“Wetyn dey do you?” she asked more with concern and I just replied “na tiredness” she laughed and said “so na just tiredness make you dey do like woman” I didn’t reply her as I was hoping she’d get bored and leave but for where! She seem to have made up her mind to have a company.
“Take drink small” she said handing me the almost empty bottle. I declined but she insisted I take a sip.
If all I was doing was to get her bored it was not working as she kept teasing and insisting I take small and just for her to leave me alone I collected and took a shot but she said it was too small, I took another and she smiled and said it will make me feel better. The taste of the macdowells brought back some memories of friday nights in school.
I remembered our first semester Faculty of arts born fire and how I was almost drunk from Macdowells but it ended up in so much fun.
That night there was supposed to be an off campus party at G.M grace Manor. The party is an annual school party that is usually hosted by some group of senior men in campus, girls are usually so much, the hype and publicity was always top notch which makes it top party in school untill the last party went wrong.

It was held at Ikenga hotels, that was in 2013 some time in my second year. I was exposed a lot in my second year and I attended anything that have ‘par’ attached to it. I don’t need the ‘ty’ to be there. So that day I had taken a cab with a friend of mine and went to the hotel. It’s quite far from campus for those of you that know Nsukka and it’s environs well.
On getting to the location it was crowded as usual, boys trying to sneak in filled outside as hostile looking soldiers stood outside chasing them away. I and my friend bounced to the gate as we already have our 1K gate fees.
But on getting there the mad soldier allowed my friend to enter and whipped me as he brawled at me to go back. I stood my ground and told him I do have my gate fees but he kept whipping me as was asking me to go back that he don’t like my shoes and my face as I looked so young
I was so embarrassed as I stepped back with pains on my back. My guy later came out and asked what happened and I told him what happened with anger and he showed me an alternative route where some guys I know are and I told him am leaving that am not interested again. He begged but I did not barge and I turned leaving as I waved down a shuttle heading to school. He charged me 5h which I paid out of annoyance and left the scene swearing never to attend any other party that is far away from school.
As I came back to my room I slept off and never thought about the party the next day I heard a big fight broke out and soldiers parked lotta boys. I later learnt that my guy was among the boys the parked. I went to the station along Odenigbo road and after much statement by them they were grant bail with 5k each. And for those who have nobody to lend them 5k they remained there. After my guy narrated to me what led to the fight and how they were all parked to the station I just thanked God I never made it into that place.
All the fun they were having turned sour.
Back to the story. I collected more and sipped as those memories flowed into my head and soon I felt the effect of the alcohol as I flowed with T.J’s babe momentarily forgetting my sorrows.


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