MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 8


The heavy banging came down on my window again, this time louder and I clinged with fear as I rushed to put off the light then I heard.
”Mama Iya open this door now before I beat you up again.” That was when I realised it was a drunkard knocking. His voice and tone were so harsh and gushing out with drunkenness.
immediately my fears flew away and my heart beat reduced. I waa afarid at firat that armed robbers have come to raid me, I thought of my laptop, my project inside, my phone and all and I started laughing at myseld silently.
“Mama Iya, I say open this door now!” The drunken voice came streaming into my room again and I shoot out angrily
“Oga get out of here, this is not your house”
“Ahhhhh mama Iya!, You are with a man, in my house, I will kill you” He screamed and bang the door louder.
Then I knew I was in for some disturbance that night. Thabk God I slept during the day. U just lay down n the bed quietly while he banges away. My phone back light came up and I saw a pop up message from Ada
“Baby, that was awesome”
I just looked at the message, smiled and shut my eyes trying to forget all the noise in my head so I can Sleep. The foolish drunkard seemed too active as he has left my window for my neighbour T.J.
T.J must have known who that man was and he has short temper. This I noticed from the little misunderstanding he always have with his mistress (A large s*xy** yoruba lady).

I heard hi screaming something to the man in hausa but the drunkard continued as I startes drifting into the unconscious world gently.
I jerked back to reality as I heard a piercing scream. I listened and I heard someone beating up another while the person begs mercilessly. As I listened I realised it was T.J beating the drunkard. Soon I heard the drunkard voice from afar as his door jammed. T.J has done a great job. I smiled and drifted back to sleep.
The next day at work was almost eventless till something very crucial happened, that event was what inspired this story.
It was past 1pm, as usual, if am not making sketches for the organisation, I am carrying files around. I just dropped some sketches at my madam’s office which she regarded with satisfaction and gave me some files to send to the office down the block. On my way I met who I never expected to meet. I was shocked and almost fainted at her sight.
I saw Ada walking up to me and smiling.
She looked so voluptuous I couldn’t help but unclading her mentally. My Laddle shoot up immediately, thank God for the thight p@anties.
She smiled at me which I managed to return.
“Heey boy” She said as ahe walked up to me.
“Heey girl, what brought you around here?”
“To see mum….”
“…and to see you.” She added with a whisper.
I just giggled and continued walking up the empty walk way.
“Heey boy, chill. what’s the hurry for?’ She called out after me.
” I need to submit this file and report back to my madam” I paused hesitantly to answer.
“You mean my mum?” “Who else? ” screamed in my head, getting impatient.
I mean the files are straining my hands.
“Yes your mum.” I answered and walked away. I hope this babe go vefore I come back to her mum’s office. I knew my laddle acts on it’s own will. It don’t mind embarrassing me in front of my madam with all those b0s0m on display. b0s0m are my weak point. For that reason I decided to waste sometime in the cinviniece that was two office away from my madam’s.
I entered the convience and perceived that familiar modern toilet fragrance. The sparkling tiles in the walls and floor and I wished my room was half this beautiful.
This was the reason I always rush down here to take some rest when the work load have becone too much. I entered the second toilet and sat down on the seat without pulling down my trousers as I brought out my phone to press a little.
I saw sone chat.
0814356*****: Guy afa naw long time
Rich gang group:16849 unread messages. ( Na me wan read all this thing? I scrolled down)
Uju: Heey boy where are you?
Me: Thought you have gone
Uju:Gone? Am still in my mama’s Office.
Me: k
Uju: So which of the department are you taking filea to?
Me: Toilet dept. *Grin smiley*
She: irritating!
Me: Taaah!
*Last seen 15:pm*
She just went offline and I continued replying other messages. Killing time, hoping she will leave before I for to her mum’s office.
So.eone knocked on the door.
“Someone is here” I replied.
The knock came again and I replied “Yes!” raising my voice in case the person was deaf.
Then I heard the door easing open, I have forget to bolt it. I stood up angrily and rushed towards the door to stop the intruder.
” I say someone is in…” But I was too late. my speech was cut short as I saw her walk in.


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