MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 78


I started thinking about the motive I had that was taking me to Ada’s place and I frowned at myself for even contemplating, I mean I just escaped an accident that may have rendered a part of my body useless if I have not been saved by God, so immediately I turned back looking dirty as I waited for a cab heading back to Dutse to show up, I checked the time it was past 6pm already.
I was so angry, look at what ‘Iberibe’ translated “Mumuness” in english would have caused me, I was almost loosing my patience as no cab heading towards Dutse was showing up when I noticed a vibration in my pocket and I knew a call was coming through, when I checked it guess who was calling!
It was my madam and am sure she’d smell fowl play if I pick the call in that noisy place so I just ignored, she called again immediately after the first one went dead and I refused picking and almost immediately another call came it and it was from Ada. I looked at the screen still in pain and contemplated if I should pick it or not and I heard a bus screaming Dutse Dutse and immediately I forgot the call and jumped in while inside the bus her call came again and I picked it but I told her I am not coming again, that I will explain to her when I get to a less noisy place and I heard a snare in her voice as she cut the call.
I felt so bad not because I just disappointed her but because I just got into this mess because of her. You know that feeling you get when you almost get hit by a mad car when you are crossing the road to go and buy condom?
Good! That was exactly how I was feeling at that moment.
When the car was on the move I finally settled down and noticed that the lady by my side was trying not to allow my body touch her, but hell!
I don’t care I reached for my earpiece to start banging away some music but I sadly realised that my earpiece is missing Kai!!! This world eh! Just few minutes ago I was singing and rejoicing in anticipation but now here am I feeling sober.
I finally reached Dutse Alhaji and dropped as I entered another cab to Bwari. I reached home feeling so sad and sober and I started thinking so much about my life. Sometimes we do things not thinking about the outcome, we risk our lives and don’t give a damn all in the name of fun! What if I had gotten into an accident and died? What would I have tell my creator? That I was going to fuvk? I felt so irritated with myself and I felt I was the most spoilt being on earth at that moment.

I started counting all the ladies I have had s*x with within just two months and I was shocked how this land have turned me into a freak, I remembered Miss Lisa, Ada, My madam, Jennifer, T.J’s babe! (The fattest of them all), I remembered how I suffered for that very act, I remembered Joy, my landlord daughter’s friend and I also remembered Sharon who I also had in mind to bleep when next I travel to kaduna and I felt so dirty and immediately there and then I made up my mind to quit!
I made up my mind not to go live with my boss, I made up my mind to find another place of I.T and start a new life.
I prayed and slept off after taking my bath.
I know most of you will be wondering how I managed to sleep off with all those things on my mind, but that’s my nature, sleep is my sedative. When I lost my uncle it was a deep sleep that calmed me down, when I failed a course in my second year for the second time, it was a deep sleep that calmed me down, when I forgot my bag on my way back to school after my I.T it was also a deep sleep that calmed me down! I mean I get calmed by deep sleeping.
I woke up by few minutes past nine to see about 9 missed calls. My phone was in silent profile and I purposely did that. When I checked the missed call, most of them were from my boss and the other two from my mum, non from Ada and from that moment I cancelled her from my mind, yes I did tell her I will call her back when I get to a quiet place but I never knew she won’t call back but my boss, her mum was still caring to call me back many time and I felt this ting for her once more as I dialled my mum. I spoke with her and she said she just wanna check on me and I talked so weak on phone upon which I attributed it to just office work on her inquiry.
I called my boss after I was through with my mum and she sounded so excited and relieved that I picked the call and when she asked me what I happened, I just stuttered a bit and kept quiet then I heard her sobbing and I paused!
“What’s it sunshine?” she kept mute but rather increased her crying and I asked again.
“Why are you crying?” and the next reply she gave me stunned me!


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