MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 76


That evening when she was about to drop me off I told her I have thought about it and will be moving in on monday. She beamed with smiles as she said ‘nice decision love’ as she placed her lips on mine for few seconds and bade me goodbye. Immediately I stepped out I called Ada telling her I will be at hers the next friday night and she was so amazed that I called her and said She hopes I keep my promise.
I was so feeling myself for reasons I don’t really know till I got home around 5pm.
I headed straight to mai shia’s place to eat bread and egg and guess who I went with? Jennifer! I had earlier met her at home when I came back and I wondered if it is my happy mood that made me to ask for her company but she didn’t burge as she followed me telling me her mum went to church service that Thursday evening.
I decided to make a take away and not eat there as I was with Jennifer, the mai shai seem to know Jennifer before and they exchanged pleasantries in hausa while I tried to understand the few I can.
Though I was born and Bred in Kaduna I don’t know how to speak hausa because my dad was against us speaking any other language apart from Igbo which was our own language.
The secondary school I attended was too tushed as they hardly speak hausa except those in the hostel and I myself was not a fan of hostel as I never wished to be there. Our neighbourhood also were dominated by Igbos so the possibility of learning hausa was so thin.
We finally left and went to my room, I saw T.J’s door open when we passed but I did not see any feminine slippers outside and I wondered why he came back early when he did not bring back any girl. Jennifer called out to him as she greeted him and he replied from within. Her dad was not around also and her elder brother was hardly at home so we kinda have the compound to ourself.
Inside the room we devoured the food as Jennifer yabbed me on how I rushed food but I was not in the mood to talk while I eat so I just giggle a bit while she chipped in talks.
I finished eating and hers was still remaining and I started eying hers when she noticed it she took a bite and brought her face close to mine as I bite some from her lips
“Long throat! Kai!” she exclaimed as I was not shy to do it. She brought another chewed it small and sticked out her tongue for me and I rushed it as she transferred the slightly chewed food into my mouth via hers and it was as if we were kissing. She did it again over and over making each so intimate till we started practically sU-Cking each other’s tongue.
Thinking about it now it seem irritating but at that moment it was not.
I stood up from the kiss after some moment and went to the door and bolted it. Jennifer smiled as she welcomed me back into her warm mouth and we got fierce, sU-Cking on each other. O! how I practically remember that thursday evening like it was just yesterday.
I pulled down the hand of her singlet top to rub her ever glowing dark smooth skin and traced my palms into her bra as I pinched her boooobs making her scream a bit. Done with the teasing I finally pulled her singlet top and unhooked her large bra tossing them by the side I grabbed her b0s0m and started playing with them like a child playing with its toy.
sU-Cking and pinching at intervals.
I gently lay her on the mattress and started ministering to her body. Giving her whole body massage switching between feathery touch to soft pinch and hard pinching. I traced her skin till I get to her mid region and I started tugging the soft curly pubic hairs as I went close to her cl!t but making sure I dod not touch ot. She was blessing me with slight m0ans. If there is anything I love about Jennifer, it’s her ability to have noiseless s*x.
I continued teasing her till she was practically dripping when I now focused on her lips the one between her thigh, licking and dragging them with my lips, I parted the labia majora to behold the pinkish labia minora and I dipped my tongue in and started stroking gently increasing my pace of tongue flapping till she starts whimpering inconsistently, heaving up her hips. When I felt she was on her brinl of Approaching I gave her swollen cl!t a long slow lick making more blood flow into it as i got more erect and she let out an audible loud m0an. Rotating my tongue anticlockwise I rolled it around her bud and inserted two fingers into her glory hole pumping gently till I felt the walls of her pubes contracts and I increase my fingering and started sU-Cking on her cl!t till I felt her weakly push my head away and I stopped.

When I came up to her she had her eyes shut, she was really wasted. I stretched my neck which was aching me a bit ( For those of you that give head job you know how strenuous it can be if the girl is not on a higher platform.) I lay by her and plant few kisses on her forehead as I allowed her to regain her strength.
When she did regain them she gave me a Mouth Action I will never forget so quick in my life, that was among one of the best though most memorable one came from my ‘Sunshine’ (My madam) on a future date. What made it memorable was not just the way she did it but what she said after I release and regained myself, not inside her mouth but she pumped me with her hand when I told her I was about to Pour. She said
“My mama no allow me enjoy this preek yesterday so as she no dey make we fuvk well!” as she started giving my preek another round of stroking.
That cracked me up and also got me harder and soon she was flat on her back as she gave me some b0s0m job! One thing girls with small booobs can’t do! I really had a good time fuvking her b0s0m as she pressed it tightly for my fuvking pleasure, I finally got a condom from under my bed which she pulled over me as I went down into her, she gasped as a hot fluidy environment welcomed me and I started pushup with my waist as I b@nged away.
That Night Jennifer left my room around few minuets after seven leaving me drained.
She promised to bring me food when she was done cooking. Girls are strong o, after bolts of orgasms she still have the strength to go and cook. And truth to her word she did broght me food around 8 or there about. It was okro soup and tuwu.
The next day I went to work feeling all refreshed and cool. I knew I had a task ahead of me so I feigned serious stomach ache during break period as went to report to my madam who insisted she takes me to her family doctor but I told her I already have a traditional medicine am taking recently only that its at home and I have been warned not to take any orthodox medicine till I finished the other.
She was surprised as she asked me if I do normally have this stomach aches I told her yes but it’s mostly early in the morning but never after I take my medication. She finally sent a driver to drop me off at home as she was really busy with office work which I was so glad of.
When I got home and made sure the driver is far gone I went to the shop at the junction to buy whole yoghurt which I took home after eating a plate of Akpu at the restaurant.
At home I drank the big rubber of yoghurt called Ada I will be at hers by 5 and soon slept off to wake up by 4:30. Quickly I rushed to take my bath and off I was heading to gwags as my earphone blasts flavour’s ‘Nabania’ “…Make you no dey cry today is a happy day, just relax yourself as we go dey party all night long omalicha nwa dinmma nyem obi gi, okwa nabania ifenile ge me?…”
Really okwa nabania ki ifenile ge mee…
translated as “Na this night everything go happen”


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