MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 75


I paused, looked at her and told her
“Yes” and what I got from her surprised me the more.
She slapped me and I flinched and she asked me again.
“Are you sure you love me?” with the pain and all I still answered her “Yes” holding my cheek as I nursed them gently.
“Why?” she asked further and I just stared at her without saying a word and she rushed me and hugged me.
“I love you so much! I don’t know why! And I also wonder why you love me but I fear what society will say if they find out” she said with teary eyes and I felt what she was going through and decided to use tactics
“Doe it really matter what society says?
Must they even know?” I said and she looked at me
“You don’t care?” she asked with widenen eyes and I shook my head in the negative.
“Am sorry for slapping you, my love I only allowed my emotions to..”
But before she could continue talking I placed a kiss on her and we started kissing like someone was chasing us. If there is one thing I love about My boss is her energetic spirit!
The kissing escalated as we started rubbing each other’s body fiercely,and the pattern of our breathing changed and immediately I grabbed her bra to unhook them she held my hands.
“It was quite a hectic day and I know you’ll be tired, let’s don’t rush this baby” and she stood up to arrange herself as I looked at her in confusion, my preek was the most confused at that moment but I agreed with her and she drove me home stopping me at Nigeria law school at my insistence because the road beyond was not good for her car.
When I got home I lay down with a filled mind, thinking and pondering about all thayt took place within the last hour, My madam’s request to come live in her house. Her request to get my assurance of her love and how she suddenly stopped the mind blowing s*x that was about to take place. I was ever more confused and wondered if she was manipulating me me psychologically.
I couldn’t sleep well that night when I came back late from the ‘Mai shai’s’ place that night. I actually saw Jennifer on my way in but we barely greeted as I was deep in my thought.
I slept that night dreaming how I started living with Mrs Adeola.
The next day at work was a bit dull for me as I kept looking searching at my madam’s face to see if there was a way I could read her mind but she acted so calm like we had nothing I was impressed by her way of handling things when we were at work especially when a third party is around the corner. She dropped me off at Bwari junction gisting jovially and never mentioning about her offer to me which left me more confused and I went home in deep thought and decided to confide in someone to get their opinion. It was my cousin Victor that came to my mind.

Victor and I grew up together through out our secondary school days, though he was a year ahead we were age mates, he is the last born and tend to know about women than I who is the first born, we kinda parted after secondary school till they parked to Kaduna south where we stayed and our house was so close and we resumed our habit of being together, he gained admission to one of the schools in far north before I so whenever he came back from holidays he gists me about campus and I was tooo eagar to enter too till the following year when I finally got admitted to UNN and we parted again only to chat on 2go and see during long vacations.
Finally I chatted Victor on whatsapp that night and we chat deep into the night, I told him how it all began and where I have gotten, He was so shocked as he knew I was not the kind of guy that easily woo ladies in my first year. He was hailing me throughout till I told him I feel am in Love with Mrs Adeola and he rebuked me, asking if I am mad and stuffs, that people don’t fall in love anymore and for the fact she was a woman almost age of my mum I should make sure I chop a lot while it last.
He advised I moved into her house and make sure I don’t have to be under her surveillance always, he told me that I should make sure I have activities that will be taking me out by that way I can still be going to see Joy and Jennifer as he advised I still maintain the room and not park off completely.
He went ahead to list out things I will be gaining by staying there. Good food. Money and lotta s*x! If only I play my game well he told me and I was so happy I confided in him.
He promised to always give me directives when need arise as long as I keep him updated.
The next day at work I was so active and alive, doing my work with so much vigour and whenever I appear before my boss I exude so much confidence and I noticed the noticed it and I gave a sly smile saying “let the game begin” in a hushed tone.


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