MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 74


Immediately Jennifer disengage she rushed to the door, peeped and again her mum screamed her name, I was just a bit panicked.
I had forgotten her mum was back unlike when it was just her dad. You guys know how mums behave, always looking out for you to do one ‘yeye’ message or the other.
I tip toed behind her to see her mum was not outside so she quickly sneaked out and immediately her mum called again and this time around she came out and my mind just cut, but Jennifer seems to know her mum as I heard her
“Said, yessss” in an angry voice ans proceeded to speak gwari with her mum who seem to be asking her where she was coming from which she seem to give a satisfactory answer because I didn’t hear her mum complain again but I saw Jennifer carrying a bowl to the backyard and I was happy as I settled on my matrass and giggled, thanking my stars and cautioning myself to be more careful.
I looked at my preek and saw much it has shrinked. Foolish preek! How fear can make a rock hard preek suddenly flabby and I giggled more and grabbed my phone to put on my data. I had told you all earlier that Kuchiko Bwari have this network problem so I hardly come online whenever I was in my room but as I travelled that weekend I collected one of my brother’s glo line so when I came online that night I got many messages and the one that interests me most was Sharon, I replied her and she came online and we chat away till I started feeling my eyelids falling so I bade her goodnight and off to dream world I went.
The next day at work was quite smooth nothing really much of interest just work, work, work, work, work. Work…as the day closed my madam as usual gave me a lift but this time around she didn’t stop me at Dutse Junction just like the previous day, she just told me she wants me to see something at her house and I obliged. On getting to her place which I have become so familiar with I settled and immediately she asked me to follow her to the back of the building. And I wondered what’s game.
When we got there, I saw a block of rooms, which should be the boys quarters, it was quiet a large block and I have never taken note of it because I have never been to that part of the house. She unlocked one and I was amazed by the furnishings, it was really cool not like a place for servants. She stopped turned and faced me.
“How do you see here?”
“Lovly!” I said ernestly. She seemed pleased by ny reply and proceeded
“How would you love to be staying here?”
I was shocked as I never saw that coming. So I just stared at her blankly without saying a word.
“Or you don’t like this place?” she asked me bringing me back to conciousness.
“O I do, but ma my rent is still valid” I finally found that to say to her.
“Yeah I know, but yesterday when I came around I was surprised you come all the way from there every morning, no relatives, the roads are so bad too so I thought you’d love here” she concluded and I stood confused not knowing weather to say ‘yes’ and thank her with joy or say ‘No’ and give her reasons.
She stood staring at me waiting for me to make up my mind as she said “So?”

“Uhmmm madam, I must confess this came as a shick rather than a surprise, am confused on what to say please can I think it through before giving you an answer? ” I finally told her.
“O yes! Why not! You can think about it, afterall you are no begger and you gat a choice” she said, rubbing my cheeks at the last word as she steps closer. I just looked up at her and smiled. I noticed our faces were close as O saw her lips a bit parted, I needed no one to tell me what to do as I inched forward and our lips met in unison and brought forth some deep kissng.
When we disengaged I looked at her and said “what will I do without you mada…”
She placed her index finger across my lips and said what really surprised me.
“Have I told you before that you may stop calling me madam and call me something sweeter?”
I stopped looked at her in surprise and she shook her head like a lady in her teens and nodded. I smiled and said
“Something like sunshine?” I said and a wide smile grew across her lips and I knew I have gotten her.
“Where dod you get that from you naughty man?” she said blushing.
“I got it from you, you are like my susnshine cos everyday with you makes my day brighter” I said and she blushed more as she hugged me. Even me myself that line struck me, where the hell did I get it from? And look who I was using it on! Someone old enough to born me!
She held on to me for quite sometimes and I felt she tears as the touched my clothes. I tried to push her forward to face me but she held me tighter as I heard her sniffing. She was crying! Wtf!!! Why are women so emotional?
What have I don now? That was all that was going through my mind as I held her still, finally she disengage and I led her to the bed sat her down and sat beside her. Her eyes were red but smiles were on her face and that got me more confused.
“What is it ma..sunshine?” I asked with confused concern and she looked at me and said
“Do you really love me?”
Ghen ghen! Do I really love her? I think I do but I think I also want to be fuvking Joy and Jennifer so I was confused if I really loved her or was it just lust? But I know I feel something for her but am not so sure!!!


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