MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 70


I finally travelled to Abuja that evening as Sharon and her sister excurted me to the park.
I arrived Abuja by 8pm as I left Kd by few minutes past 6pm. Earlier My boss had called to inquire about my journey and have offered to come pick me up from the park but I vehemently turned off the offer on the excuse that I don’t want to stressed her. Though I came back loaded with food stuffs and would have appreciate a lift but I don’t want her to come know where am living.
Back home I was welcomed by my landlord, his daughter and the remaining surprisingly the Land Lord’s son was around that evening as we shook hands, T.J came out and said
“Bros welcome o” I turned and thanked him with a spiteful hate in my eyes.
I was inside removing the things I brought when Jennifer knocked on my door, I asked her in and she came in smiling
“So what did you bring back?” She asked
“O baby a lot!” I answered and searched through my bag to bring out a bar of chocolate bar which I just bought about five for emergencies like this.
She was happy and gave me a hug happily. We finally talked a little when she hurried out saying her mum is back and may be asking after her soon. Her mum? O finally, since I came here I have never seen her so I told her “Wait let me greet your mum too” and I followed her.
Inside their house I saw my landlord watching news and I greeted him.
“I heard that your wife is back so I came to greet her” I said.

“O that’s so thoughtful of you” He said as he called out his wife “Mma Jenny” the woman answered from the inner, the husband spoke some Gwari and she came into the sitting room. I greeted her and she asked “so you are the student that occupied the empty room”
“Yes ma”
“I heard you don’t give trouble, please don’t allow this boys around here to influence you into smoking” She said and I smiled telling her I wont. I later retired to my room and saw my phone showing light indicating I had a missed call.
I saw I was from Ada and I called her back.
We talked and she inquired if I was back to which I responded in the affirmative.
“So youi are back and you didn’t even tell me, nawa for you o”
“Heey babe am just coming back now, I left late” I explained and she said “Ok welcome” And I asked her about studies and she told me that exams will be commencing the coming week.
“Wooo! Soon you’ll be home for hols”
“Home ke I will be travelling, Please can I see you this weekend atleast before exams starts” she requested and without thinking I answered “O yeah!”
And she sounded happy. We talked a bit and hug up. Immediately I called my parents to let them know I arrived safely and I also called Sharon and Angela.
That night was eventful, I didn’t feel hungry rather I just warmed the food in my mum tied for me in a big cooler. I called my boss around after 9 and we discussed a little as I told her I got a lot of for her the next day.


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