MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 69


The next day we went to the church for the thanks giving service and the crowd that followed us to the alter wooed me! Telling me that my parents are committed christians while me their chuld? I cant say same At all!.
I I sharon in the church, first time I saw her in our church and trust me she was looking gorgeous, and I loved her the more but inside me I thought ‘Does she deserve me?’ I soon waved that thought apart as I concentrated on church.
Immediately after the mass it was straight to the house where we had a reception for the thanksgiving and my dad kept on introducing me to all his friends and brethren as his first son who is proud of. I kept smiling, bowing down as I greeted them all and answered their questions about school and my I.T place. When I had the slightest chance I just ran to the back sit where I met younger people, Sharon and her siblinhs were there, I spoted our third son too there but my sister was busy serving and greeting. We got talking as I went to get more drinks for my people at the back.
There was no much Alchohol and my people will love to get a bit high so I went to buy a pack of Mac dowels which we mixed with the malts and orijin that was available. I was surprised when Sharon’s brother touched me to get my attention, He motioned me to look back that someone was calling my attention when I did guess who I saw? Angela.
The plump busty babe I met the previous night.
I smiled at her and beckoned her to come and join us. Sharon was not there she excurted one of her friends so I was not perturbed.
When she came over we hugged and excitedly amidst the loud music I asked her who invited her and she said it was a the daughter of the people celebrating, that means my sister telling me they were in the same choir. When she asked me who invited me I laughed and told her that the girl that invited her is my younger sister and she was excited as she screamed ‘What a small world’
“O yeah!” I exclaimed. We got talking with others and I asked her if what she will take after she told me she came alone. She refused to take our Alchohol so I went inside to get her a bottle of malt and a plate of food. We all talked as she ate and when she was almost done I sighted Sharon coming back looking so gorgeous still, and here is a new catch who is bustier but not so gorgeous.

When Sharon joined I introduced Angela to her as my sister’s friend and my new friend also while I introduced Sharon to her as my sweet neighbour and joking added ‘and my love’ while we laughed.
When it was past 1pm Angela said she wants to start going so I asked to see her off after my sister have come around to welcome her for honouring her invitation. I told my sister that I was seeing off her friend and she gave me a knowing look which I winked at her in reply.
On the way I told Angela how I will be travelling back to Abj that sunday evening back to my I T place and she seemed sad as she told me ‘so I won’t see you again naw?’
‘Ha no naw, I am not dying, besides Abj is not far so I do come back weekends’ I told her and she agreed. I walked her past the main road towards opposite refinery Junction and she said bye as she turned to leave.
“Heey are you leaving just like that?”
Sh turned smiled as she saw my arms wide open
“Come gimme a hug jooor” I said and she came and pressed her large b0s0m on my chest giving me some sweet s£nsu@l hug as I felt my preek kicked. I held her for some time as I savoured her scent then whispered to her ears ‘I love busty ladies’ before letting her go and She smiled coyly.
“I will give you a call, when I get to Abj” I said after her and she waved back while I went back.
I met the parts still bubbling but most families have gone and more of young people were around. I saw sharon and I playfully screamed ‘My baby!’ as I drew her into my arms.
“My love!” she called back. This is how we normally addressed ourselves but this time around we both know there was more to it.


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