MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 68


She is a dark chubby girl walking alone opposite my direction, her shape was bomb, she gat lotta booobs that brought back my fading spirit. Her hips were not so wide but then that booobs! I kept walking staring at her and trying to make out what her face was like in the dark when she almost passed me and I stopped her
“Hello dear” I said.
She stopped abruptly trying to see if she knows me but realised she don’t
“Yes?” she replied
“You stay around here?”
“Noooo just going home”
“So where do you stay?”
“Why are you asking me are you a policeman” she replied. I was amazed by her accent and I knew she is not residing around really as most girls around her always have hausa accent.
I laughed at her inquiry and told her I was new in town and kinda bored so I decided to take a stroll and now I met her. We got talking as I escorted her towards refinery Junction through the back of Happy Jimmy.we talked for long and I got to get her number before leaving at 8:30.
Sharon have called me earlier but I was in a serious discussion so I ignored her call. On my way I called her and she said she checked on me but I was not around. I told her I went for an errand and will be back soon. When I got home I called her out to meet me in front of their gate. She was full of smiles and when I asked her she said they sang in church and she’s filled with the Joy of the Lord. As she was speaking I just kept staring at her lips and wondered why I have not kissed her all these years despite the fact that I have been alone with her so many times. Familiarity can atimes be a barrier, but tonight I was going to break that barrier no matter what.
I asked her to excurt me to a joint just behind Christ Ambassadors College, the name of the bar is Brochino. A small nice garden where lovers and s*x peddlers crawl at night though on a low key.
At the bar I ordered malt and two plates of pepper soup. One talk lead to another and soon I was asking her about the last time she kissed and she told me she have not kissed before and I rebuked her for lying but when I saw how serious she looks I wondered how possible and I tried to believe her anyhow but tonight I have made up my mind to kiss her.
It was past 9pm but due to the fact it was weekend the whole place was still vibrating and bubbling. She rushed out to answer a call and when she came in I inquired and she said it’s her mum but because she told her she was in our house she didn’t bother. Her mum trusted our family so much as her brothers and her sister always comes around and spend much time till 10:30 at our house. She insist we start going but I told her on one condition which is she will follow me to the dance floor where both of us will dance. She agreed because she knows no argument will make me barge.
Finally we were dancing and I held her by the waist as she rocked me while D’banj’s ‘Shake bom Bom black the speakers. As she rocked me I was amazed at how well she can wine, my preek was already responding to the soft rubbing of her butt0ckz and suddenly I turned and dragged her closer looking alarmed as I said
“Heey what’s that in your eyes” I shouted so she she could hear me
“On my eyes?” she replied and I nodded.
“Close your eyes lemme remove it for youl I told her and she did.
Immediately I placed my lips on her and she quickly opened her hers and tried to withdraw but ny palm placed at the back of her head stopped her and I continued kissing her as other couples around were kissing too. Soon I felt her lips part and we engaged in a sharp kiss . Though it didn’t last for long because we were in public and I wondered who was looking so I broke the kiss and told her “Let’s go” as I dragged her with me.
As we strolled home I praised her about her dancing skills and she laughed and blushed unlike her that will normally say “Ehen naw you don’t know before” this is what kissing her have made her be. She was so calm and we reached home without talking about the kiss. I peeped into the sitting room and saw my dad, greeted him and quickly withdraw so that he won’t start asking me any question that will engage in any discussion. I toook her to my room and her sister and my brother’s voice could be heard from the opposite room where my brothers stay. We peeped in and hailed them. They were watching a movie and I dragged sharon by the arm into my room and closing the door behind me I started kissing her again and she didn’t pull any hesitation as she sU-Cked away my lips and I believed that she have not kissed before. How funny the people you feel are ‘Baddo’ in some affairs have not really engaged in such before.
The kiss became intense as I used my tongue to scrub all part of her mouth and stopping sometime to give her lips small bites which giggles her. My hands were already on her a5s as I pressed, pinched and pulled the fleshy heap.
When I pushed her down on the bed and continued kissing her she was already all acting tipsy, so dizzy she looked as I disengaged from her mouth and tried to loose her top buttons when she held my hands, but I proceeded but she stood up and said.
“No, I have not done this before”
I looked at her with shock but saw s flint of tears on the orbs of her eyes and I knew that what she said was really true.
“You mean you are a virgin?” and she nodded and I didn’t hide my surprise.
“Aww my dear, am sorry, it’s amazing!”
She did not say anything rather she started mumbling
“O I don’t know what came over me” as she stood up arranging herself. I felt sorry but really enjoyed everything that took place and the thrill that came with realising that am the first guy she have been with was so lovly as I went close to her, held her and raised her chin
“I love you, please don’t feel I s£duced you” I said with all the courage I could mutter.
“You not sure” she said and I became confused.

“Sure about what?” I asked her and she replied “You are not sure you love me”
“Why do you say so”
“Because we have been so close for over two years and you have never asked me out. At this moment I got weak as I realised what she meant.
“Uhmmm that’s because I was afraid you’d turn me down”
She bought that as I reassured her that I love her and immediately asked her to be my girlfriend to which she happily agreed and another kissed ensued but was broken short when I heard a knock on my door.
“Who be that?”
“Na me” my brother’s voice came through.
“Commot we dey fuvk” I joked and my brother laughed and asked said
“Me too I dey fuvk when mumsy say make I call you” he said and left and we all burst out laghing. That’s how free minded we were with ourselves.
We later left my room to My brother’s
“Una don fuvk finish?” Sharon’s sister asked and we both chorused “yes naw” as we always do, but this time around we ( Sharon and I) knew we were not joking as usual, though we did not fuvk, we almost did.
I went to answer my mum and she gave me the message. My brother and I later excurted Sharon and her sister to their house where we met their brothers and parents who asked us if we were ready for the thanksgiving tomorrow.
“Ah mummy ehen naw who else ready pass me?” My brother replied and we all laughed and said goodnight. It was past 10pm when we got home.
Just as I lay on the bed thinking about my new love and how easy it was as against my earlier fears and how Sharon the crazy girl managed to be a virgin, I started thinking of her with great respect and wondering how lovly it will be when we get married. I was almost dozing off day dreaming when My phone started ringing.
*My boss* calling
I picked the call with a little frown on my face, as I spoke a weak ‘Hello’ into the mouth piece.
“My baby, how are you?
“Am so tired dear” I replied feigning a weak voice.
“Aww, seems there is so much work in preparation”
“Exactly dear, I can’t wait to run back to your arms”
“O my baby it’s your home, help now you are around and I will be right here waiting to massage your weak bones” she said and as we kept talking I heard a beep on my phone.
A message just entered bit I ignored it as I thought it’s one of these Etisalat sad messages.
After bading her goodnight rest and telling her what to prepare for me after so much persistence from her I checked my message and saw it was from sharon. She wrote “Goodnight my Love, dream of us, Kisses” I almost jumped in ecstasy as I read that. I slept that night feeling very very well.


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