MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 67


Saturday was filled with house chores, even though am the first child and won’t have been disturbed by my mum to join in the house chores, I decided to join on my own will.
I took care of the louvres, the backyard grasses. One thing you must know about my family is that we were brought up without any external help, I mean my mu was the one that trained the five of us. We never had a maid.
The one we had was troublesome to my mum and I was just three so I never knew her so we grew up knowing how to do things by ourselves, as the first child I was learning so fast, I was so inquisite and I always keep my knowledge with me as there was no elder brother to discuss with for this reason I really had a tough time with wooing ladies in my secondary and first year in university, But my knowledge was vast.
In the midst of the five children I was the only curious one, I read voraciously so For this reason I know what people of my age dont know. Take for when we were in Jss 3 I used to bring new words to my cliques and they wonder where I get it from. Words like Cunninglingus, MouthAction, Masturbation, Hymen etc. They were always eager to hear new naughty words from me which I learnt from reading some adult books I found in my dad’s archived library. Despite all this knowledge I was always afraid of ladies.
I started Masturbation at a tender age of thirteen after reading about it in a book. I also attended my first party at the age of 16 when I sneaked out of the house one Saturday night after my mum and dad went for an all night programme.
My dad had caught me with X-rated magazines twice when I finished secondary school.
The only hope he had on me then was that I still performed well in my academics, having scored 293 in Jamb and also graduated as the best art student. My mum was more scared of letting me go far away in the east to study due to my behaviours at home.

I came to school and started studying theatre arts and english when I met crazy fellows, I was so free that I attended all the parties in school but I was still afraid to approach any lady till unless I was approached which do happen mostly because am a very good artist so the ladies always come around plus I was quite brillant too so I never bothered chasing ladies rather they do come to me but it was till my second year that I was able to be stripped of my fears when I was made to have s*x with a lady in a wild party we attended in my second year. I was surely high when doing that because my coursemates mostly girls were surprised how long I lasted and how I did it without shame. Thanks to Jah no one videod the stuff as phones were barred at the party cos so many naughty things took place that night. Since then I became a hunter of women but still balancing my academics that I never made less than a 3.5 each semester.
That is a little of my background, now back to the story. Saturday was filled with work till about three when we were done cleaning, I slept a till six, washed and decided to go out, note I don’t have any friends around as most of my school mates have relocated from Kaduna due to the constant religious crisis while the few that still reside in Kadun were in school so no friends to vist and I can’t stay a whole day indoors without going out. So the only person that came into my head was Sharon. I called her and she said she was on her way to church that she will be back by 8 and will holla me. I felt a bit sad as I decided to stroll towards Kantianyaga, a slum areas where weed smokers, drug addicts and loose girls reside. Immediately I entered the street the stench of weed greeted me and soon some dirty looking guys were approaching me asking me to patronise them but I kept on bouncing as I usually change my walking step whenever am around that area to prevent them from thinking am a JJC. I dont do weed so I waved them away as I kept enjoying the sight of stoned guys hanging around and some shadows of two love birds. I was looking around if I will see any stray girl and it seemed that evening was not a good day as I decided to go back home after about thirty mins of aimless walking.
That was when I spotted her….


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