MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 65


When I woke up I realised it was past 1pm.
I was under a blanket but still unclad but my madam was not there. As I arose from the bed I heard water splashing in the bathroom and I knew she was taking her bath. I was really pressed so I turned the knob and was inside to behold my sweet mama engulfed in foams of the soap, eyes shot but she was sensible enough to know someone entered.
“Nneji is that you?” I kept quiet as I climbed into the bath and held her from the back cupping her melons that will never be contained in my palms.
We played like kids in the bathtub and ended up having bathroom s*x! Third s*x for the day.
When we were done we were both hungry as My madam went to microwave some rice that we ate. By the time we were done it was past 3pm and she started to dress up to drop me at the park.

She surprised me by taking me shopping at Park n’ shop wuse zone two as we gisted and talked till she dropped me off at Zuba park and waved me bye asking me to call her when I get home.
Inside the car the passengers just gave me this look like ‘See mummy’s boy now’ I noticed there was a young man close to the door while a young babe was by my side and I faced the door. But no sooner has the journey started did I plug in my earpiece playing Flavour’s play list as I shook my head to the rhythm not minding the young lady by my side.
Who looks at a girl after three solid rounds of s*x?
It was a cool journey until we arrived Katari when a student student of St. Peter’s Minor seminary was almost hit by the driver.
The driver was fast enough to swerve thereby dodging the boy and jerking we the passengers violently.
I hit my forehead on the back rest of the front sit. It was a sienna so It was not so painful but I quickly disengaged the earpiece from my ears as I heard a lot of people cursing the boy.
“Shegen Yaro..”
“Banzai!” etc
Soon the whole noise seem to reduce and the journey continued and we arrived kaduna by 5;30pm as I dropped by Abuja junction and boarded a cab to sabon Tasha!
Home sweet home! I arrived to the delight of everywhere around. We chatted gisted and soon I was feely sleeping but that was when Sharon my Neighbour came calling. I never told her I will be coming back. As she came into my room I was amazed how much she seem to have change. Her b0s0m loooks fuller or was it just my imagination?
I went to give her a full hug but she blocked me as she gave me a serious frowny look.
What’s this one’s own kwa? I asked myself.


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