MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 64


She finally allowed me as I continue to blow hot breeze into her ears leaving her wining like a little puppy, I got filled with doing that as I slowly traced her neck region down to her belle button not, leaving traces of saliva as she blessed me with m0ans. I finally arrived at her Pubes and started licking around the thick lips that was coarse but smooth as she left her pube hairs trimmed just de way I like.
As I was licking around I went slightly up to her cl!t region and flipped anti clockwise as I the trimmed hairy lips rubbed against my lower jaws. I felt her moving. Her hip so my tongue can locate her swollen cl!t but for where! I was not ready to make her Pour so fast.
Teasing and teasing as she kept soaking my lips with kitty juice. finally I attacked her cl!t greased it with my teeth and placed my lips as I sU-Cked in using my tongue to rub the inner flesh. She let out a lod m0an as she pressed her thighs tightly on her head and darkness beclouded my vision but my mouth still held on sU-Cking till I felt her legs relaxed and fell off from my head. She was exhausted while I was furious to enter the place I stood up and went to her brezz and started rubbing my preek between both towers till she finally regained consciousness.

She pressed her b0s0m together to form a friction for my preek as I got my first boob fuvk!
I felt a churn in my balls churned as I felt a deep rush from within but I was not ready to release so I disengage my J0yst!ck from her b0s0m but she noticed what was about to come and get hold of my preek and placed it back between her b0s0m and said “Pour for me baby” with the most sultry voice I have ever heard from her. My testosterone boiled and I started moving my hips faster as her oily b0s0m sweat eased my movement and I went faster and soon I was close as I felt my hips move erratically fastly with short strokes and shut my eyes, threw my head back as I felt spruts upon spruts of hot Pour that rush out gresing my movement the more as more sprut came out and I collapsed on her body passing out momentarily.
It was not long after regaining consciousness and basking in the euphoria of the aftermath of a hot s*x that I felt a movement on my J0yst!ck and guess what she was giving me a Mouth Action and I could feel my preek responding.
It ended up in another hot round but this time around it was inside the kitty that I emptied my seeds. Raw without any rubber as she requested to taste me raw. After the whole s*x we both lay and I stated thinking about all the stories I have been hearing about older women using younger men’s destiny and star and immediately my heart tripled as I remembered it was a full blown raw s*x, I turned to look at Mrs Adeola but she was already deep asleep breathing peacefully and I threw that out of my mind as I snuckled into her Unclad body and was soon asleep.


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