MY I.T SEXCAPADES…..(18+)…..Part 63


In her room sat a tray of hot tea, Bread and another plate full with fries, egg and some other things I can’t comprehend. The aroma in the air made me remember home!
Only at home I ate such and it’s usually once in a while when my mum is in a good mood.
“Woow” I exclaimed not hiding my satisfaction. “What a beautiful meal!” I finished.
“You likey?” She asked like a young babe.
I nodded fastly and she beamed a charming smile.
“Prepared with you in mind, so sit down my love let’s eat” she said and at this point I felt so pampered and I looked at her and the words “I love you” fell out of my lips. At this point I meant it no doubt.
It was quite a delightful meal, The tea was milk rich, the bread so fresh and soft, the eggs was fried with irish potatoes and fresh tomatoes.
Lord till date that’s among one of my memorable breakfast.
Done eating, I started preparing thinking we will be leaving for office but to my surprise she announced to me that, she have taken excuse not to be in work and as my supervisor, I myself don’t need be at work. I looked at her with a wide surprised grin and I saw a young glow on her face.
“I just want us to spent today together before you leave for the weekend.” She said holding my shoulders.
“I must confess you are a darling” I said holding her waist as I stare deeply into her eyes as our lips locked into a passionate kiss.
Age is no barrier when you are in love!
She dragged me on herself as she lay on the bed. Her scent filled my nostrils as I continued kissing her while my hand rested on her b0s0m. She was busy rubbing my back through my clothes and soon we got heated as our breathing increased. Her nightie made my movement easy enough as I used my hand to pave the neck line aside to expose her lacy bra.
I didn’t need to unhook the bra,as I just pulled it down to expose her brownish tips that were already erect!

I knew I was going to miss them so I attacked and sU-Ckled with so much pressure, licking around the tips at intervals. The tips filled my mouth as I sU-Cked like a baby while she let out little m0ans. She pushed me off her raised me up and pulled my shirt as I helped her to get myself out of my clothes. Soon our bare bodies were feeling the warmth of each other.
Though bigger in size she was very active in bed as she rolled over me straddling me as I felt that familiar fleshy arse of hers massaging my southern region.
She started unleashing her skills on me as she wiggled her waist, I felt my preek trapped between her arse crack quarrelling to enter but couldn’t locate any hole of solace. She was pulling my tips and bending at intervals to bite my chest hairs, sometimes painful sometimes teasingly. She was in charge the last time and today she wants to be in charge again so I suddenly flipped her atop of me and straddled her as she giggled. Her fleshy b0s0m shook violently as I placed both palms on them and kneaded away while staring deep into her lust filled eyes. I came closer to her ears and whispered
“I think You were made to make me happy”
and I bite her earlobes as she tried to push my head away due to the s£nsat!on it was giving her.
“Calm down and let me treat you like my woman” I whispered again and took her whole pinna into my mouth sU-Cking and blowing hot breeze into them.
She shook her head violently as I continued my teasing…


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